Email Receipt Configuration in Other Programs Registration

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When configuring the Other Programs Registration module, the automatic email receipt is a key component used to communicate important details to parents. This article highlights how that email is produced, as well as the configuration options that are available to schools using the Other Programs Registration module.

Email Components

The email receipt itself contains three main elements: Programs Selected, Fees, and the Review and Pay Fees link.

 Programs Selected

The Programs Selected section of the email displays a list of all the programs for which the registrant has signed up. Families will get a single email for each registrant, but that email may show multiple registrations if the family signs a child up for more than one class. If a family goes through the registration process again to select additional classes, the family will receive a second email.


The Fees section of the email displays any fees and discounts associated with class registrations. Because the email is sent immediately once someone confirms registration, the user will receive the email before he or she makes any payments. As a result, all fees listed in the email are up to date.

Review and Pay Fees

The Review and Pay Fees link allows the user to access and/or pay any charges incurred through registration. There are two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: Outstanding Fees
If the user has outstanding fees and uses the Review and Pay Fees link, a web browser will open and give the user the opportunity to pay those fees online.

Scenario 2: No Outstanding Fees
If the user has already paid registration fees upon completing registration, the Review and Pay Fees link navigates the user to an online summary of completed payment.

Automatic Email Receipt Configuration

There are two available areas of configuration for the automatic email receipt. First, schools can configure who is eligible to receive the email. Second, text templates can be set up. These text templates allow schools to customize the wording in the header and footer of the email.

Email Recipient Configuration

Two specific fields on the Program Registration configuration record allow schools to specify who receives the automatic email receipt.

  • Auto Email Receipt: This field controls whether an internal administrator receives a copy of the automatic receipt email. To configure this functionality, populate the field with the administrator’s email address. If more than one administrator should receive a copy of the email, multiple email addresses can be entered into the field, separated by semicolons.
  • Auto Send Email Receipt to User: This field triggers the system to send the email to the user upon completed registration. To enable the email, check the Auto Send Email Receipt to User checkbox.

Text Template Configuration

Text templates control what verbiage displays in the header and footer of the automatic email receipt.

Each program registration form has its own set of two text templates, which means that the header and footer text can be unique for each program offered by the school. Text templates are accessible from either the Program Registration configuration detail screen vai the Text Templates tab, or they can be accessed through the Text Templates query on the System homepage.

The automatic email receipt text templates can be identified by the “Registration_Summary_Header” and “Registration_Summary_Footer” strings found in the text template name. For example, if a school is offering a program called Adventure Week, the two available text templates would be named “” and “” As more program registration records are added, additional text templates will be added accordingly.