Donation Import Type


This article covers the fields available on the Donations upload template. Read more about using the Veracross Data Importer.

Fields on the Import Type Template

Prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all of the following fields in any order, even if some non-required fields will contain no data. A CSV template with the field names pre-populated is available to download from the Data Importer site.

  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Fields that can be an id or description must be existing values in the database
person_id* Either person_id or organization is required.
from_bothBoolean value: yes, y, 1 / no, n, 0 (defaults to “yes” if left blank)
credit_card_typeCan be id or description
reward_fmvThe fair market value for the reward. This field must be filled out with a value above $0 if the reward type field is specified.
payment_method*Can be id or description (Please select "Other" if the desired option does not exist):
1: Check
2: Cash
3: Gift in-Kind
4: Credit Card (Offline)
5: Stock
6: Payroll Deduction
7: Other Property
8: Bank Transfer
9: Other
10: Credit Card (Online)
11: E-wallet – Paypal
campaignCan be id or description
fund*Can be id or description
reward_typeCan be id or description
profile_codeCan be id or description
job_numberUse the project number found on the General tab of a donation detail screen.
project_cost_rev_codeUse the Project Cost/Rev Code found on the General tab of a donation detail screen. Note that this field is configurable, so you will see different options depending on your configuration. Configure them on the the System homepage.