Document Layouts

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The document layouts architecture allows you more control of your documents than ever before. Each document built on document layouts provides Axiom users with a robust set of parameters used to configure a variety of settings for the document. 

Documents with layouts can be found on the Documents homepage in the "Configured Documents" section.

NOTE: Not all documents listed under "Configured Documents" are built on document layouts. As of 6/1/20, there are two documents built on document layouts: the Application Summary document (Admission Portal 3 schools) and the school-configurable US Transcript document

The Configured Documents section of the Documents homepage.

The Document With Layouts Record

The document with layouts record is the header record that contains all of the layouts associated with a specific document.

The Document With Layouts record.

  1. The name of the document being viewed (will typically be predefined).
  2. The notes field for the document. Used to contain internal notes/workflow guidance about the document and its layouts.
  3. The "Add Record..." button is used to add a new layout record.
  4. The layouts for the document are listed in the nested query and can be accessed via the Name links.

The Document Layout Record

The document layout record is a specific set of parameter values. Multiple layouts of the same document can be configured, each representing a set of parameter values for a specific use-case.

The Document Layout record.

  1. The general information about the document layout record is displayed in the upper-left. 
    1. "Document" is the document with layouts record this layout belongs to (note the pop-out link).
    2. "Name" is the internal name designation for this layout; can be edited at any time.
    3. "Access Name" is the unique identifier used for routing behind the scenes; cannot be edited after insert.
    4. "Is Default" is used to indicate which layout record is considered the default version of the document.
  2. The document layout record provides a link to the document browse interface for this specific document layout in the header.
  3. All parameters available for configuration are listed in the query nested at the bottom of the page. Parameters are organized into categories (subtotal headers).
  4. The "search results..." bar can be used to quickly filter the parameters list.