Do grading periods get recreated for each year once we roll forward the school year?

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When you close an old school year and look to starting a new one, there may be questions as to what is carried forward into the next school year. Specifically, for this question, are grading periods recreated in the new school year when you move the school year from one year to the next.

The standard Grading Periods query, which can be found on the System homepage.

 Yes — grading periods are copied froward between school years. It is important to remember to wait until the Close School Year procedure has been run before updating the Grading Period Begin Date and Grading Period End Date fields in the Grading Periods query to make sure that you are adjusting the grading priods for the correct school year. 

Veracross does store historical grading period start and end dates, but changing the dates after the close school year procedure will ensure that the historical grading period dates are retained.

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