Disabling/Re-Enabling Portal Accounts

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Parent and Student portal accounts can be disabled by any System Administrator if needed throughout the year.  To disable accounts, perform either the batch or one-off procedure below.

Portal membership can also be managed directly on each portal. Read more about portal membership management.

Disable an Individual Account

Change the user’s account status to “Portals Login Disabled” to lock users from logging in to their Veracross portals.

  1. Open the Veracross User Accounts query and run to find the person whose account will be disable.
  2. In the “Status” column, change the user’s portal status to “Portals Login Disabled.”
  3. Click update.

The “Portals Login Disabled” status is different than the “Disabled” status in that it will still allow third-party API authentication to work. The “Portal Login Disabled” only locks users out of their Veracross Portals. The “Disabled” status locks the user out of everything.

Read more about disabling and removing portal members after the school year closes, e.g., to remove students and parents no longer at the school.

Disable All Parent and Student Accounts

This procedure changes all parents’ and students’ portal status to “Portals Login Disabled” so they cannot log in to the Parent and Student Portals.

To do so, run the “Disable Parent/Student Portal Access” procedure from the Action menu on the System homepage.

Re-Enabling User Accounts


To re-enable a user account, run the Veracross User Accounts query for the individual whose account will be re-enabled. From the status column, change the status from “Portals Login Disabled” to “Enabled.” The user will now be able to log in in to his/her portal.

All Parent and Student Users

To re-enable portal user accounts for all parent and student portal users, run the “Re-Enable Parent/Student Portal Access” procedure. This procedure changes the portal account status from “Portals Login Disabled” to “Enabled” for all parents and students.

Please note the following:

  1. Only System Administrators can enable or disable an account.
  2. Only Parent and Student portal accounts can be disabled.
  3. The “Portals Login Disabled” account status will only disable portal login for each user. Their login will still be enabled for third-party API authentication.
  4. If the purpose of disabling accounts is simply to restrict parents and students from viewing their schedules, please review the documentation on hiding student schedules for an alternative solution.