Learn about managing information and preferences for directories here.


Directory Overview
Portal Directories are customizable records within Veracross that allow schools to define exactly whose information they need to have access to and what information is viewed within that configured Directory.
Directory Preferences Overview
Portals users have significant flexibility in updating their own directory preferences, meaning that they can decide what information about themselves they want to be displayed in directories of the Student, Household, and Faculty/Staff directory types, choosing to display the same information across all types or to display information differently (or not at all) in certain ones.
Alumni Directory
Alumni directories can be used by schools that have purchased the alumni portal to help alumni and former student keep in touch with each other and the school.
New Directory Configuration
There are several directories provided in the default configuration — e.g., “Students by Grade Level” — but you may want to create additional ones to display in your parents, teacher, or student portals.