Development Homepage Overview

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The Development homepage has many valuable queries and reports available to use throughout the Development cycle each year.



General queries to search for and add gifts and gift batches. Use the Find Gifts query to search for donations, pledges, soft credits and pledge installments and narrow the results as needed by using the Gift Type field in the query.


General queries to search for Giving History records as well as person, household and organization records. Use the Find Giving History query to search for campaign specific giving for a household or organization. Use the Find Donors query to search for people and organizations together. Also add people, households and organizations as needed.


General queries to search for all Development Classifications, Groups (for finding email distribution lists), and Solicitation Groups.

Donor Events

Search for or add individual events for donors.

Group Events

Search for or add group events.


Add a Giving History record for a constituent that may not have been automatically created.

Other school specific links may be made available here as needed.



Search for recent gifts and communication (anything added since the beginning of last week) as well as upcoming pledge installments that are due (between the beginning of last week and the end of next week).

Use the “Acknowledgements” query as a starting point for sending acknowledgment letters for gifts. This query will look for any gifts that do not have “No Letter Required” specified as a Thank You Letter and where the Thank You Letter Date is blank – essentially returning all gifts that need acknowledgement that have not yet had a letter sent.

Campaign Totals

View summary information for the Active Campaign. Annual Fund Status displays the campaign detail screen for the active Annual Fund campaign which includes total giving summaries, quick access to gift summaries and other summary reports for the current AF campaign. Cumulative Giving by Week and Total Giving by Month reports break down the giving of the active campaign by week and month to gain a high level view of how much money has come in each week/month and gives a quick view of when the most money has come in.

Campaign Summary Reports

Summary reports built for some of the more popular development classification types. Each report by default will show summaries of constituent counts, participation, giving and performance. Other fields are available to add to the report as needed in the query design. Click on the magnifying glass in each row to view a full summary for that individual classification. These summary reports are updated each night during the nightly process so should always be up to date.

If summary reports are needed for other development classification types, they can be created and customized. See the documentation on how to build Summary Reports for more details.

  • Giving by Development Role: Summarizes total giving by primary development role, meaning constituents are not double counted in each role. In order to include constituents in each role they are a member of, create a summary report using the “Default Development Role” classification type (as opposed to the “Default Development Role (primary)”.
  • Parent Giving by Grade Level: Summarizes parent giving by parent grade level. This report does double count households if they have children in multiple grades. In order to avoid double counting, create a summary report using the Parents by youngest or oldest grade level classification type.
  • Alumni Giving by Graduation Year: Summarizes alumni giving by graduation year. If a household has two alumni (due to alumni marrying each other), households will be double counted. In order to see individual giving and participation for alumni instead of summaries by household, a different report should be created.
  • Giving by Solicitation Group Type: Summarizes total giving by solicitation group types (will only work if the school has configured solicitation groups).
  • Giving by Solicitation Group: Summarizes total giving by solicitation groups (will only work if the school has configured solicitation groups).

Campaign Detail Reports

The Campaign Detail reports display giving (to the Active Campaign) by several common roles and development classifications.  Each row is a Giving History record that includes the constituent’s solicitation group, giving category, giving status, communication status, target amount and giving totals.

These reports are not based on the school defined Development Roles, but on standard person roles and other development classifications. To create reports based on the school defined development roles or other development classifications, run a Find Giving History query and choose the desired development classification.

Other Campaign Reports

Reports summarizing giving for the Active Campaign in many different ways to help analyze giving data.

  • Development Classifications by Category: High level summary of giving by each development classification. For each classification, see a summary of Total Constituents, Total Constituents who Gave, Total Target Amount, and Total Giving. Drill down into each classification and view who the constituents are as well as the associated gifts.
  • by Month (Donations Only): View total donations received in each month of the Active Campaign. Similar to the “Total Giving by Month” report under Campaign Totals, but limited to Donations only. Drill down into the Record Count to view each individual donation that makes up the total receipt amount for each month.
  • by Month (Outstanding Installments): View total outstanding pledge installments to be received in each month for the Active Campaign. Totals are subtotaled by Calendar Year. Drill down into the Record Count to view each individual pledge installment that makes up the total installment outstanding amount for each month.
  • by Fund: View total donations and outstanding pledges subtotaled by Fund.
  • by Event: View total donations and outstanding pledges subtotaled by Event.
  • by Payment Method: View total donations and outstanding pledges subtotaled by Payment Method.


Summaries of outstanding pledge amounts for all campaigns. To view details for the Active Campaign only, filter the results by setting criteria in the query design for Active Campaign only.

  • Pledge Status: Returns a list of all pledges which have yet to be paid in full or written off. This is based on the full amount of the pledge and all donations made towards that pledge regardless of time (Total amounts not PTD Totals). See the Pledge Totals documentation for more information on the difference between PTD vs. Total pledge calculations.
  • Past Due Pledges: Displays the amount of money outstanding for pledges as of the {Pledge_Reference_Date} for certain ranges of time (e.g. 0-30 days past due, 31-60 days past due, etc.), as well as Total Past Due.
  • Future Pledge Payments by Fiscal Year: Displays a list of all outstanding pledges and the amount of money which is still expected to be received each future fiscal year.  Also displays the total still outstanding from all years prior to the current fiscal year.

School Reports

View and create school specific Summary Reports and Constituent Reports.

View all school specific queries saved to the Development homepage or to an individual’s personal folder.



View and add Campaigns, Funds, Development Roles, Donor Giving Categories, Solicitation Group Types, and Mail Merge Letters.

Review Development data integrity issues (e.g. Donations with a Matching Status but not Matching Gift).


Parameters are used to configure the output of certain queries and fields in the system.  If a field is dependent upon a certain parameter value, it is documented in the tooltip which appears if you hover over a field in your query or on a detail screen. For each parameter, there are “public” and “user” values. The public value applies to all users at your school.  The user value is an override value that each individual user can specify for their session which will not affect other users. For date parameters, if the value is removed and updated to be blank, the overnight process will automatically set the parameter to always be Today (each day).

  • Active Campaign: Controls which campaign is currently “Active” which drives many stock reports on the development homepage (see details above).
  • Pledge Reference Date: The pledge reference date allows you to see the status of pledges as of a certain point in time. See more details on the Pledge Reference Date.
  • Reporting Start/End Date: There are five Pledge fields that reference these date parameters which allow you to define a begin and end date for the calculations:
    • Total Installments During Reporting Period
    • Overdue + Installments During Reporting Period
    • Total Outstanding Before Reporting Period
    • Total Received During Reporting Period
    • Total Writeoff During Reporting Period
  • Printing Date: Enter a date here that can be used in a mail merge document for setting a common printed date for all documents.
  • Current School Year: Controls the Current School Year which is used in some queries and reports. This cannot be updated by the Development office.

All Time

View summary information for giving over all time by Campaign, Fund and Donor.

Campaign Summary: Query summarizing performance for a given campaign (total giving/target amount) as well as a summary of top giving and details on individual alumni participation.

Fund Summary: Query summarizing total gifts for a given fund, subtotaled by fund categories.

Donor Report: A treemap report of all donors and their all time giving. Each rectangle in the treemap represents a donor, the size of the rectangle represents the donor’s total giving in comparison to all gifts over all time (bigger rectangle means higher total all-time giving), and the color represents the months since the donor’s last donation (green is most recent).

Directories & Maps

View directories and maps for Alumni, Staff and Faculty, Student households and Donors.