Development Events, Communication, & Reporting

Learn about the various types of development events while also learning about dommunication and reporting within the Devleopment module.


Appeals & Fundraisers
Group Events specific for Development typically fall under the Event Type of Appeal or Fundraiser. The Appeal and Fundraiser event types have a detail screen that differs from regular Group Events.
Constituent Reports
Overview Constituent reports can be created using the Advanced Report functionality specific for Development purposes. You can read more about advanced reporting here . There are two primary scenarios for when to use the development tab of an adva...
Individual Event Tracking in Development
Individual Events in the Veracross Development module are used to track all contact made with constituents. Tracking contact allows schools to better manage the relationship building process between constituents and the school.
Summary Reports
Development Summary Reports are used to create reports based on development classifications to analyze giving, counts, participation, and other metrics. The summary reports use Giving History records (household and organization campaign specific records) for their source data.
How can I make changes to the Annual Giving Summary document?
There are three text templates that can be configured to display data on Annual Giving Summary documents: Annual Giving Summary Household Annual Giving Summary Organization Annual Giving Summary Person These can be found on the System home...
On the Development Homepage what does the “My Events for Review” report show?
This Development 2.0 report is user-specific and displays all events in which thecurrent user is either invited to attend or is assigned as the follow-up person after the Calendar_Reference_Date parameter. This report is available on the Devel...