Development Introduction and Configuration

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Before you can run, you have to walk. Learn about the concepts and terminology used in the Veracross Development module and begin configuring the tools you'll use to work within it.


Development Homepage Overview
The Development homepage has many valuable queries and reports available to use throughout the Development cycle each year.
Development Terminology Overview
Several key components exist in Veracross Development that are the foundation for a successful development cycle each year. For a detailed overview of how to use the development homepage to help throughout cycle, see the documentation on the Development homepage.
Campaigns, Funds, & Event Terminology
The following is an outline of the logical order of events that most development offices go through. At most organizations there are three primary means of arranging development activities; these are: funds, campaigns and events.
Configuring Funds
In Veracross, a fund defines how money will be used within an organization. A school will typically set up a particular fund for which it wants to raise money, and then associate that fund with one or more campaigns.
Configuring an Annual Fund Campaign
Setting up a new Annual Fund (AF) Campaign is one of the tasks performed annually by a development office in preparation for an upcoming fiscal year. In Veracross, a campaign is defined as how money comes in, which means that the campaign is for a set period of time and is for a specific purpose.
Development Classifications
Development classifications are attributes that apply to Giving History records and Gift records. Development classifications are automatically created based on many different types of data within the system.
Development Roles
Development offices often define constituent roles in a different way than the rest of the school might classify constituents
Online Giving Form Configuration
The Online Giving Form provides donors with a way to make online donations and/or pledges to the school per individual campaign or fund. A link to the Online Giving Form can be placed on the school’s website and on the parent portal. This form is accessible to users through normal web browsers and is optimized for mobile device access.
Primary Development Role
Which role is their Primary development role depends on the Hierarchy that is set on development roles configuration.
How do I update the Campaign Summary Reports on the Development homepage?
Campaign Summary Reports on the Development homepage are not immediately updateable because they reference other Development Summary Reports that feed into them. To update and adjust these reports, you likely will need to adjust these reports. To ...