Updates: Development

Here are updates that pertain to our Development 2.0 platform. Click here for Development 3.0 updates.

Update: New Option to Remove Pledge Matching for Online Giving v2

06/10/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Online Giving Forms (v2) Effective: June 10, 2020 Action Recommended : If you use online giving forms (v2), you can configure them to exclude the "Apply to Pledge" step of the online giving process.  Summary In resp...

Update: New Accounting Fields Added to Donation Import Template

02/18/2020Ian Drummond
Product: Development + Project Accounting Effective:   February 18, 2020 Action Required: Update any existing donation CSV templates with these two new fields. We are adding two optional accounting fields to the donation import template...

Update: New Integrity Check for Adult Siblings and Children in the Same Household

01/06/2020Ian Drummond
Product: Core CRM Effective:  January 6, 2019 Action Required: None Adult siblings or adult children in the same household can potentially lead to problems with household data. For example, calculating the primary development role (PDR)...

Update: Pledge Date for Unassociated Donations Fixed

12/06/2019Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective:  December 5, 2019 Action Required: None Have you ever run a "Find Donations" query, pulled in the "Pledge Date" field, only to notice a random pledge date for donations with no associat...

Update: Mail Merge Links Available

12/04/2019Ian Drummond
We have added two new mail merge-related links to the Development homepage.

Update: In Memory & In Honor Fields Are Now Available for All Online Giving 2.0 Forms

11/14/2019Ian Drummond
Online Giving 2.0 forms now contain optional "In Memory Of" and "In Honor Of" fields, replacing the single "In Dedication" field. Results will populate on the online gift record and donation records.

Update: Acknowledgement Letter Features

08/06/2019Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective: August 6, 2019 Action Required: None Several weeks ago, we launched the ability to generate and print development acknowledgement letters in Axiom. Based on feedback, today we are rolling out several updates...

Update: Monthly Pledge Date Fix

09/25/2018Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective: Immediately Action Required: None Monthly pledges with a date of the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month now apply to that date or the last date of the given month after a month with fewer days. Previously, error...

Update: Development Module Updates

08/21/2018Ian Drummond
Module: Development (Gift Management, Online Giving) Effective:   August 21, 2018 Action Required: None Summary Several gift management and online giving updates are rolling out today.  Gift Management: New Feature: There is a ...