Updates: Development

Here are updates that pertain to our Development 2.0 platform. Click here for Development 3.0 updates.

Update: Soft Credit Update

04/16/2021Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective: April 16, 2021 Action Required: None Attempting to insert an organization donation associated with a matching pledge sometimes failed due to a duplicate soft credit record. Specific soft credit configuration...

Update: Profile Codes Properly Display for Recurring Donations in Online Giving Forms v2

03/30/2021Ian Drummond
Product: Development > Online Giving v2 Forms Effective:  March 30, 2021 Action Required: None We just fixed a bug in which profile codes have not been displaying on recurring donations in v2 online giving forms. Now they do! ...

Update: Development Homepage Renamed to Development 2.0

11/02/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective: November 2, 2020 Action Required: None To make the distinction between Development 2.0 and 3.0 clearer for schools on the newer 3.0 module, we have updated the name of the legacy Development homepage to &quo...

Update: System Groups For Fundraising Activity Segments

10/08/2020David Kopchick
New system groups have been added for schools using Development 3 to reflect the different segments used in fundraising activities. These new system groups can be used for a variety of purposes; from targeted mailings through constituent reports to filtering in advanced reports.

Update: Opportunities Now Switched to "Include in Reports" When Associated Fundraising Activity Is Set As Active

10/06/2020David Kopchick
Previously in Development 3, when the status of a fundraising activity switched to Active you would still need to manually update all associated Opportunities to Active one-by-one or in batch. Now, once a fundraising activity is set as Active, all solicitable opportunities associated with that fundraising activity are automatically marked as Active, as well.

Update: New Option to Remove Pledge Matching for Online Giving v2

06/10/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Online Giving Forms (v2) Effective: June 10, 2020 Action Recommended : If you use online giving forms (v2), you can configure them to exclude the "Apply to Pledge" step of the online giving process.  Summary In re...

Update: New Accounting Fields Added to Donation Import Template

02/18/2020Ian Drummond
Product: Development + Project Accounting Effective:   February 18, 2020 Action Required: Update any existing donation CSV templates with these two new fields. We are adding two optional accounting fields to the donation import templa...

Update: New Integrity Check for Adult Siblings and Children in the Same Household

01/06/2020Ian Drummond
Product: Core CRM Effective:  January 6, 2019 Action Required: None Adult siblings or adult children in the same household can potentially lead to problems with household data. For example, calculating the primary development role (PD...

Update: Pledge Date for Unassociated Donations Fixed

12/06/2019Ian Drummond
Module: Development Effective:  December 5, 2019 Action Required: None Have you ever run a "Find Donations" query, pulled in the "Pledge Date" field, only to notice a random pledge date for donations with no associ...

Update: Mail Merge Links Available

12/04/2019Ian Drummond
We have added two new mail merge-related links to the Development homepage.