Development 3.0 Homepages Overview

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This article pertains to Development 3.

The entirety of the Development 3.0 world can be accessed through one of four homepages devoted to broad topics. Each of these homepages is designed with a certain employee in the development/advancement office in mind and have been streamlined to suit these employees’ needs. The four homepages are:

  • the Configuration homepage is designed for the Advancement Database administrator and is used to set up the structure of the development system
  • the Comprehensive Campaign homepage is primarily designed to be used by the Advancement Director and provides a dashboard-level view of the active comprehensive campaign, with graphs, relevant queries and useful reports
  • the Annual Fund homepage is primarily designed to be used by the annual fund director and, in many ways, is similar to the Comprehensive Campaign homepage, with the obvious difference being that it focuses on the active annual fund instead of the active comprehensive campaign
  • the My Opportunities homepage is primarily designed with major gift officers in mind and assists them while interacting with major donors one-on-one and allows the officers to easily document each interaction and set up follow-up tasks

These articles provide technical documentation for each of these homepages. All queries mentioned are the default state of the queries; most of these can be modified further.