Deposit Payment & Enrollment Checklist Item Option Configuration

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The end of the ORE process for most schools concludes with parents paying tuition deposits. All schools, regardless if they have Veracross Checkout, can integrate the payment process into ORE by adding the Payment Component to the ORE homepage. When the payment component is enabled, parents may view their outstanding ORE deposit balance and pay by check, if desired. For schools integrated with Veracross Checkout and using one of the Veracross approved payment providers online payment options can also be included for payment options (i.e. credit card and ACH).

Deposit Payment Options

Within the payment component on the ORE homepage schools can enable a number of payment options for parents through the “Payment Methods” link under the Core Configuration section on the Online Enrollment homepage. All payment methods that the school has available to them (e.g. Check, Credit Card, Cash, etc.) will be listed. Schools can indicate which payment methods they would like to accept by checking the box in the “For Deposit” column. When a parents proceeds to the payment section of ORE/OE, they will see all available payment options in the payment summary window.

Schools can also enter a title for the payment option in the “Web Description” column and a long description or instructions to parents using the “Web Description Long” column. When parents click on the “Pay Enrollment Fees” button they will see all available payment options the school has enabled. They can then select which option they would like to use to pay their enrollment fee. From the “Online Enrollment Config” and “Online Re-Enrollment Config” links on the Online Enrollment homepage, schools can also check-off whether they would like to accept credit card or ACH payment for this particular context of enrollment.

For schools using Veracross Checkout, they may also select “Veracross Checkout” as one of their payment methods. This will automatically redirect parents to the checkout payment window using the payment provider the school has set up with Veracross. However, this payment provider can be overridden in the ORE context. If a school uses a different payment provider for the ORE process, they can set this provider to be used for the collection of deposits. Use the “Online Enrollment Config” or “Online Re-Enrollment Config” links under the Core Configuration section on the Online Enrollment homepage to override the providers for ACH and Credit Card options. In each field (“Override ACH Provider” or “Override Credit Card Provider”) a drop-down list of the school’s payment providers will be available. Schools may select from their provider options which one they would like to use in each enrollment context.

Enrollment Checklist Configuration

There are two system type options related to the payment section that schools can enable for both re-enrollment and enrollment checklist items. These checklist items help indicate to schools where their constituents are in the payment process.

  • Fee Payment Method Indicated
    The checklist item with the Fee Payment Method Indicated system type indicates to school that the parent has selected a payment method to use to pay their deposit. The checklist item will complete when the payment method is selected, but will not complete the parent’s checklist item until the actual payment is received by the school. This is particularly important for schools that allow payments via check. When a parent specifies they are going to pay by check, their “intention to pay with Check” saves and this internal checklist item is marked as complete. To the parent, it will still appear incomplete until the school confirms the payment has been received.
  • Payment Received
    When the school receives the actual deposit payment, they can mark this checklist item as complete. Marking this item complete will update the parent’s enrollment checklist item. The Enrollment Incomplete Banner will update to “Enrollment Complete” and the deposit payment component will also be marked complete. For schools that allow online payment, this process will happen automatically when parents make an online payment.

Paying Deposits

When parents are ready to pay their child(ren)’s deposit, they can click on the “Pay Enrollment Fees” button in the Payment Component section in their Enrollment Portal. This will redirect them to the payment section of ORE. Parents will be presented with a summary of all outstanding charges for each of their children and the payment options the school has made available (see above). Payments can only be made for this total amount, not individual charges. When parents select the payment option they would like, a charge item is created automatically (for VCA schools only). This can be disabled if schools do not want charge items to be create automatically for tuition deposits. To disable the automatic creation of charge items, use the “Fee Type” link under the Core Configuration section on the Online Enrollment homepage and uncheck “Create Charge Items.”