Deleting Person Information (GDPR-Related)

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From both a philosophical and technical standpoint, Veracross encourages schools to keep data. The only person records that should be actually deleted are those with little data, few or no related records, and that represent people with only a tangential relationship with the school. Examples include cold prospects and former applicants, grandparents, emergency contacts, and others who do not have associated event, donation, etc. records.

Deleting Person Records of People With Certain Roles

As a general rule, Veracross does not recommend deleting person records. As an interconnected system, removing them “rewrites” historical information. For instance, historical admissions numbers will be altered if former applicants are deleted from the system, and depending on whether a particular report is pulling from cached data, the record removal may not be immediately evident. Users are urged to consult with their account manager before deleting any person records.

Prequisite Records to Remove

To delete any record directly from a detail screen, click the Organize menu (the plus sign) and select Delete Record.

Axiom does not permit person records to be deleted if there are certain kinds of related records. The person records with the following person roles can be deleted after relationship records are deleted:

  • Cold Prospect
  • Parent of Cold Prospect
  • Grandparent
  • Grandparent of Former Student
  • Emergency Contact

To delete a former applicant, delete related application and financial aid records in addition to relationships.

Notes and Issues When Deleting

  • To reiterate, deleting person records affects your historical data.
  • If deleting a former applicant, when first deleting their application, do not first delete their admission history record. Rather, navigate to their admission history to easily access the application to delete.
  • It is possible that any person deletion will still be barred by Axiom, even if the above related records are removed. For instance, if a grandparent has made donations and thus has donation records associated with their person record, then donation records would need to be deleted before the person can be removed.