Daily Student Schedule

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The Daily Student Schedule feature displays all of a student’s schedule data for a particular day, unifying potentially disparate information about class schedules, athletic and events, transportation arrangements, and more in a single view. Many interface elements are linked, e.g., assignments and group events.

Data Sources

The Daily Student Schedule pulls data from several places:

  • Class schedules, displaying the teacher, block, and room.
  • Alternative schedules for any given day, e.g., half days, assemblies, late starts, etc. Read more about alternative schedules.
  • “No school” days.
  • Rotation days. Read more about rotation day calendars.
  • Group events, including logistical times.
  • Athletic events, including all logistical times (e.g., leaving school, returning to school, etc.). Canceled athletic events still display, but with a note indicating cancelation.
  • Morning and afternoon transportation information, with an icon that changes based on the type of transportation (bus, car, etc.).
  • Assignments listed on the day they are due. The assignment type is indicated in boxed all caps, and the assignment name after that.

Display Options

Any day can be viewed. Use the date picker in the upper left to jump backwards or ahead by one day, or use the date picker to jump straight to a date. Note that the Daily Schedule is only as accurate as the data entered, so for instance, viewing a date weeks or months in the future will probably not include assignments, since teachers likely will not have entered them yet.

Toggle “Student Schedule” and “School Schedule” in the upper right.

  • “Student Schedule” displays only those events directly involving the student, e.g. their particular classes and athletic and group events they will physically attend that day.
  • “School Schedule” does something different.