Curriculum Comments

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Curriculum comments are comments specific to a grading period, rubric, or rubric category that are stored on a class record. These comments are designed to allow teachers to provide an overview of what a class is focusing on that will appear on the report cards of all students in the class. This article details where curriculum comments are located, how to enter a curriculum comment, and the process for setting up curriculum comments for a particular class.

Entering Curriculum Comments

Curriculum comments are located on the Curriculum tab of the class record.

To set a curriculum comment for a specific grading period, locate the grading period in the data grid and click on the text field in the curriculum column. Enter the comment in the box that pops up and, when complete, click Update.

Alternatively, if the comment is set by Rubric or Rubric Category, select the correct option from the drop-down menu in the Rubric or Rubric Category column and, when the correct option is selected, click Update.

Configuring Curriculum Comments

To ensure curriculum comments are enabled, go through the following steps:

  1. From the Grading Periods query located on the System homepage, make sure that both “Curriculum Comment Open for Grading” and “Enable Curriculum Comment” are checked. See screenshot above, illustrating this setting.
  2. On the course record that the class belongs to, ensure that the “Curriculum Type” is specified. Select either “by Grading Period”, “by Rubric”, or “by Rubric Category” and click Update.
    1. If setting up Curriculum by Rubric Category or by RubricIn addition to setting  the "Curriculum Type" flag per-Course, you must also set the "Allow Curriculum" flag per Rubric Category or per Rubric.  See screenshot illustrating the presence of this flag per-Rubric Category: 
  3. Run the “Create Missing Class Curriculum Records” procedure from the System homepage. These records are not generated by any automated procedure; it's necessary to manually click this button once the prior setup steps are completed..