Creating Student Charges in Batch

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Step 1 of the AR Invoice Cycle

  1. On the Accounts Receivable or Student Billing homepage, click on the Create Charge Items link under the Charge/AR Processing section.
  2. Select Option Code 1: Create Charge Items
  3. Specify an Item Date.  This represents the date that charges will be assessed to the students.
  4. Specify School Year.  This represents the school year to which the charges apply.
  5. Select Catalog Item.  This represents the actual nature of the charge.   The amount and description of the charges created will be derived from this catalog item.
  6. Specify any additional criteria that will uniquely identify the students for whom charges should be created.
  7. Toggle No Duplicate Charges? flag to “Yes” if you want to prevent the automatic creation of charges for students who already have a charge for the same designated catalog item and date.
  8. Click Add Create Charge Items.

To confirm/validate that the new charges were successfully created for the correct people,  run the Unposted Student Charges report.   Note:  you’ll likely need to specify criteria that will limit the report results to only those transactions you just created (e.g.  Input Date and/or Input User as criteria).