Creating Recurring AP Invoices

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Use Case:  If you have invoices that you receive regularly that have the same line items, but perhaps with different amounts, this approach may be helpful.

  1. Go to the Accounts Payable homepage and enter in an AP Invoice and AP Invoice Item(s).
  2. On the AP Invoice, go to the General Tab.
  3. In the box labelled “Number Recurring Invoices”, enter the desired number of additional invoices. For example, if you want a total of 12 invoices, enter the number 11 into this box.  Then click the “Update”.
  4. Click the Action Button and select Create Recurring Invoices. You will be prompted to run the procedure.
  5. To view the newly created invoice, click the AP Invoice Header Listing link on the Accounts Payable home page and search for those just created. Each new invoice will have been assigned the same invoice numbers as the original invoice with a “-n” appended to that original invoice number (where “n” will be the sequence number of each additional invoice).  Each new invoice will have an invoice date one-month subsequent to the preceding invoice; and none of these new invoices will be posted.
  6. If you need to create recurring invoices where the interval between invoices is something other than one month; then the process documented above need only be slightly modified. For instance, suppose you want to create a year’s worth of quarterly invoices (instead of monthly invoices).  You would simply enter the first quarterly invoice, and then specify 3 in the box labelled Number Recurring Invoices.  Once the additional invoices are created, simply update the invoice dates as appropriate and proceed as usual.