Creating Charges from an Event


Create Person Charge Items for Students who have an Attendance Status of ‘Attended’ or ‘Confirmed’ within an Event.


Prerequisites: before charges can created from a Event, the event needs to be created and attendees need to be linked to the Event.  To read more about Events in general, click here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Student Billing homepage and choose Find an Event under the General section.

Step 2: Using the Query Design, find the Event for which you’d like to create charges.

Step 3: A screen, similar to the one below, will appear with attributes unique to the event presented.  You will also see a listing of participants;  their current role for the event; their current status; an indicator as to whether they participated; and the amount billed.

Step 4: In the header level, choose the Catalog Item you’d like to assess to the participants; the Override Fee (if necessary); and the Item Charge Date (the Item Date that will assigned to the resulting charges).

Step 5: Click on the Action Button and choose Create Charges.  ***Please note*** only those participants that have an Attendance Status of ‘Attended’ or ‘Confirmed’ will have charges created for them.

Step 6: When your browser is refreshed, you will see the Amount Billed populated.

Step 7: Navigate to the Student Billing homepage or the Accounts Receivable homepage to view the charges in the Unposted Student Charge listing.