Creating Alumni and Former Student Households

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Axiom has the ability to create new households for alumni (those who graduated) and former students (those who left the school prior to graduation). The procedures “Create Alumni Households” and “Create Former Student Households” on the System homepage Action menu function similarly. They remove those with the Alumni person role or Former Student person role, respectively, from the household of their parents and place them into their own. The reasons for running this procedure are two-fold:

  • A school can more easily send targeted household mailings to parents of alumni (or former students) and alumni/former students themselves separately.
  • A school can quickly update the alumni and former student household addresses without having to go through the work of moving alumni and former students into their own household first after being notified of address changes (e.g., a college address).

How To Run the Procedure

These procedures should be run after the “close school year” procedure and before the “start school year” procedure is run.

  • Logged into Axiom with the SysAdmin_1 security role, navigate to the System homepage and select “Create Alumni Households” or “Create Former Student Households.”

What Happens

Depending on which procedure is run, alumni or former students are removed from the household of their parents and placed in their own household. Alumni or former students already in their own household are not affected.

Create Alumni Households: The system looks for any alumni from all years and creates new households for those not already in their own household. Only alumni with the following criteria will be affected:

  • Single: alumni with none specified or single marital status.
  • Alumni who are not: heads of households or deceased
  • Alumni that have a graduation year that is the current calendar year or prior.
  • Alumni that do not also have a role of parent, parent of alum, parent of former student, parent of applicant, grandparent, or grandparent of alum.
  • Alumni who live in the same household as their parent.

The procedure looks at all previous years, so if a school has not run this procedure before, alumni from previous years, matching the above criteria, who are not in their own household will be affected.

Unless a school requests otherwise,* the following will happen at schools that do not run up to to 12th grade:

  • If your school runs through 8th grade, this procedure moves these students into their own household if the year in which you run the procedure is four years after their graduation date.
  • If your school runs through 6th grade, this procedure moves these students into their own household if the year in which you run the procedure is six years after their graduation date.

*If your school would like separate households to be created for 8th grade or 6th grade alumni upon their departure from the school (as opposed to 4 or 6 years after their departure), please contact your Veracross Account Manager to enable a separate “Create Alumni Households” procedure that will include younger graduates.

Create Former Student Households: The system looks for any former student that has graduated high school (a graduation year that is prior to the current year) and places them into a new household.

Example: If your school runs through 12th grade, and several students leave in 10th grade and are thus classified as “former students,” they will be placed into their households when this procedure is run in two summers (i.e., according to their graduation year, irrespective of when they actually departed the school).