Creating a Deposit

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Cash Deposits are a special subset of receipts. They are entered using the + Add Simple Receipt button on the AR Workflow Homepage.  Typically, these receipts represent money being received before charges or invoices are created.  The journal entries made when deposits are posted usually includes a debit to Cash and a credit to a Liability account such as Tuition Deposits.

Create a Deposit

To enter a cash deposit, click on the “Add Simple Receipt” link found on the AR Workflow home page. It’s important to select the Deposit option from the drop-down list in the Cash Receipt Category, and to enter a cash receipt batch. You will see a screen similar to the one pictured here.

Enter data for all pertinent fields above and click the “Add Simple Receipt” button when complete. 

Be sure to include the school year and invoice type on the Deposit tab.

Note that specifying an apply to person for an item may restrict the batch application of that item to the selected individual.