Create New Household For Person Procedure

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This procedure will remove a person from one household and place them in their own household. Use cases where this procedure might be helpful include:

  • Data cleanup as part of the implementation process
  • Moving parents to separate households in the case of a separation
  • Moving seniors/alumni who have given to the school into their own households to create proper giving history records

How to Run the Procedure

Users with a read/write access security role will have the ability to run this procedure, which can be found on the person record.

To run the procedure, first open the detail screen of the person being moved into a new household. Click the action menu (lightning bolt) at the top right, and then click on “Create New Household for Person.”

What Happens When the Procedure Has Been Run?

Running this procedure will do the following:

  • A new household record will be created. The person’s last name will be applied as the household name.
  • The person will be moved into the new household and marked “Head of Household,” and will be removed from the previous household.
  • If the person’s “Send Mail To” value was previously set to “Household Address,” the new household record will be given the same address as the previous household. If that value was set to “Organization Address” or “Individual Address,” the new household will have no address (even if there is an Organization Address or Individual Address present). A person’s “Send Mail To” value can be found on the “Addresses” tab of their person record.

Running this procedure will not automatically change person relationships or marital status.