COVID-19 Screening Form

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You can create a COVID-19 screening form in your parent portal — for parents to complete on behalf of their children — and teacher portal — for staff and faculty to complete for themselves — that is configurable and has queryable results. It is included as part of our core Health module (no extra cost). Here are some feature highlights:

  • Add a configurable form to your parent and teacher portal to allow for daily COVID-19 screening.
  • Use the form to ask questions about symptoms, temperature, recent travel, testing status, and more. Show or hide each question and adjust the text as needed.
  • Set a daily submission cutoff time and choose to allow multiple daily submissions.
  • Find daily COVID-19 screening information and add new screenings on the Health homepage. 

Video Walkthrough

Example: The Screening Form in a Parent Portal

An example of the COVID-19 screening form in a parent portal.

  1. Supply your own message at the top of the screen. Basic HTML — including links — is supported.
  2. In the parent portal, the parent selects from their children at the school. In the faculty version, the faculty's own name is displayed.
  3. The date is set to 'today' if prior to the cutoff time (which you specify), or 'tomorrow' if they are after after the cutoff time. The date cannot be chosen by the user. 
  4. Choose which questions you want to have on the form. You can edit existing questions but cannot add new ones.
    • if you repurpose these question and and you put false/false for the two follow-up questions of positive/negative and the date, no result will move to the database.

COVID-19 Screening Security Admin Security Role

Grant the COVID_19_Screen_ADMIN supplemental security role to non-medical personnel who
need access to screening data via this set of links in the lower right of the Today homepage.

Users with Medical 1 and Medical 2 (and of course, SysAdmin) security roles can view COVID-19 screening data by definition. If you have other personnel who need to be able to access it, give them them the COVID_19_Screen_ADMIN supplemental security role:

  • They can view existing COVID-19 screenings and add new ones via a set of links on the Today homepage.
  • They cannot see any other medical information other than medical visits with the purpose of "COVID-19 Screening."
  • They cannot access the Health homepage. 
  • Do not grant the security role to anyone who already has Medical_1/2 or SysAdmin_1/2 (they do not need it).

Add the COVID-19 Screening Form to the Portal

You can add the screening form to your parent and faculty portals (it is not available for the student portal). It is a system screen (similar to messages, various calendar screens, directories, etc.) that you can create a link to via a button or a navigation menu item. The general recommendation is to create a large button or notification link in the portal. 

There are two main steps to adding a screening form to a portal:

  1. Enable and configure the form. This does not actually add the form, so you can complete this step before you have decided exactly how (or whether!) you want to deploy the form in a portal.
  2. Create a link to the screening form in the portal with a button, notification link, or navigation menu item.

Step One: Enable and Configure the Screening Form

  1. Navigate to the Portal Admin  homepage and click on the parent or teacher portal.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Adjust options on the COVID-19 Screening Form tab. See screenshot below.
  4. Edit messages on the COVID-19 Screening Messages. See screenshot below.

Adjust options on the COVID-19 screening form.

Many parameters are either "true" or "false." To toggle the values, simply type the word "true" or "false" and click "Update" to make the change. The words must be spelled correctly. 

  1. In the "Form" section:
    • To enable the entire form, adjust the "Enabled" field value to "true" and click "Update." This does not turn on the form in the portal, it merely enables it. To actually provide access to the form, you will need to add a button to link to it. See Step Two below.
    • The "Title" displays at the top of the form.
    • Allow Multiple Daily Submissions: 
      • true: a user may enter as many screenings per day as desired
      • false: only one submission permitted per day prior to the cutoff time (this field works in conjunction with the next one)
    • Daily Submission Cutoff Time: If the user enters a screening prior to the time indicated, the date in screening form is set to 'today,' otherwise it is set to 'tomorrow.' You could effectively nullify this parameter by setting it to 12:00 AM.
  2. Set labels to say whatever you want them to throughout the configuration tab.
  3. Show and hide each section by updating the "Displayed" field value to true (show) or false (hide). Do likewise for the "Required" field value (true to require, false to not require).

Adjust the messages on the screening form.

  1. Edit the value of each message to be whatever you want to say in the portal.  HTML — font format, bullet lists, hyperlinks, etc. — is supported. 

Step Two: Add a Link to the Portal

  1. Navigate to the Portal Admin  homepage and click on the parent or teacher portal.
  2. Click the Component Screens tab and click the Edit... link for the screen you want to add a link in. It is recommended to add it to the portal's home page.
  3. In the portal editor, click the green + Add button in the region you want to add the link.
  4. Click any of these general components: Icon Link, Notification Link, or Button Link. Click Add Component.
  5. In the Hyperlink URL field, supply the portal shortcut link: {system:new_covid_screening}

An example of a notification link with the Hyperlink URL field set to the portal shortcut link. 

Keep in mind:

  • To move the new link around the page, click Edit in the region where it resides and then drag it up and down in the right column. Learn more about component screens. You can also copy it to another region. 
  • You can also add the link to a navigation menu item with the same portal shortcut link. 
  • The new button will not show up in the live portal until you click Publish.

Find COVID-19 Screenings and Add New Ones in Axiom

The Health homepage has links for querying for COVID-19 screenings and adding new ones. COVID-19 screenings are stored as medical visit records with the "COVID-19 Screening" visit purpose. 

COVID-19 screening links on the Health homepage.

  1. Find COVID-19 Screenings: This searches for all screenings, which are medical visits with the purpose of "COVID-19 Screening."
  2. + Add a COVID-19 Screening: Add a new screening manually in Axiom. See screenshot below.
  3. The three "Today" queries show different views of today's screenings.
    • Review Today's COVID-19 Screenings: A simple list of medical visits "today" with the purpose of "COVID-19 Screening."
    • Staff/Faculty without Today's COVID-19 Screenings: Shows all people with the role of "Staff" or "Faculty" who have not submitted a screening form "today." See screenshot below.
    • Students without Today's COVID-19 Screenings: Shows all people with the role of "Student" who have not submitted a screening form "today." See screenshot below.

The COVID-19 Screening Medical Visit Detail Screen

An example of a COVID-19 medical visit detail screen.

  1. The date and time are supplied from the portal form (or manually if entered via Axiom).
  2. The COVID-19 screening information is pulled from the portal form (or manually if entered via Axiom).
  3. The memo field notes whether the visit record was generated via a portal screening form and by whom; it also lists any comments supplied by the user submitting the form.

The "Missing Today's COVID-19 Screenings" Queries

There are two queries to help you surface people for whom there have not been a COVID-19 screening form submitted "today." Both use the "COVID-19 Screening Today?" function field and include several different fields:

  • The student version of the query includes fields for age, current grade, and homeroom.
  • The staff/faculty version of the query  includes fields for job title and primary department.

An example of the faculty /staff version of the "Missing Today's COVID-19 Screenings" query

  1. Click on the "COVID-19 Screening Today?" function field to view options. The function field returns a "Yes" value if the person has submitted a COVID-19 screening form within the start/end date parameter range.
  2. Adjust the start or end date as desired. Leaving both set to the default {today} returns a "Yes" value for screenings "today."

Here are some tips:

  • Use relative parameters in the Start Date and End Date to create useful queries. For example, use {Current Week_Begin_Date} and {Current Week_End_Date} to create a query you can use to review who has not submitted a form this week. 
    • If you adjust the parameters, consider adjusting the name of the field (at the top of the right column) to reflect the updated parameters, e.g. "COVID-19 Screening This Week?"
  • You can use this function field for any medical visit type. Just adjust the "Visit Purpose" parameter.
  • To return a list of people who *have* submitted a screening, toggle the criterion to "Yes" instead of "No."

Recommendations For Building Your Screening Forms

Here is a suggested workflow for building and testing a COVID-19 screening form in your parent portal:

  1. Enable the screening form.
    1. Navigate to the Portal Admin homepage, then your parent portal, and click the Configuration tab.
    2. On the COVID-19 Screening Form tab, set the value of the "Enabled" field to "true." This enables the form, but does not make it discoverable. 
  2. Test the form by accessing it directly. 
    1. Log into your parent portal impersonating a parent and access the direct form URL, replacing the "YOURSCHOOL" with your school's short name:
    2. Fill out and submit the form. 
    3. Repeat with  multiple impersonation log-ins, trying different scenarios, e.g.:
      • Try to submit a form with required fields left blank.
      • If you have enabled multiple daily submissions, try submitting multiple times for the same child. 
      • Test the cutoff time by manually changing it in the configuration and then returning to the form. 
    4. Recommended: Send the full URL (so they can access the unlinked test page) to several parents to test. 
  3. View the results in Axiom on the Health homepage.
    1. Run a "Find COVID-19 Screenings" and the queries under "Today's COVID-19 Screenings" and ensure that they show the submissions you have made.
  4. Delete your test data.
    1. Run a "Find COVID-19 Screenings" query and delete your test records, individually or in batch.
  5. Add a "real" button in your parent portal.
    1. Create a new button — notification link, icon link, or button link — in your parent portal (likely right on the homepage) and publish to make it live. 
      • Tip: If you want to test the link, add a notification link (because you can filter it), and apply a group filter so only a test group will see it. Once you have confirmed that it works as expected, remove the filter.