Course Booklist Import Type

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The Veracross Data Importer allows schools to import lists of textbooks used for various courses — these lists are located on course records on the Textbooks tab. This import type is considered solely an importer — it allows you to import new books to courses, but not change books that may already exist there. Should you wish to remove a book from a course, you will need to do this manually through Axiom.

Uploading Course Booklists involves the following two steps:

  1. Preparing the data for upload using the Course Booklist import type template, which is provided before data import on the Importer site.
  2. Uploading the data using the Veracross Data Importer.

Preparing the Data for Upload

The user must prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all data to import. This file must contain all columns in the order listed below, even if no content is populated in the columns. If there is no content in a column, that row must be left blank.

Fields in the Import Type Template

There are a mix of columns in this import type where columns are required to be populated by a value and where the column being populated is optional. These are detailed in the Value Considerations column below.

Column (Field) NameValue Considerations
internal_course_idRequired field. Numeric format. The internal course ID of the course in which the book should be assigned. Find this value as the Internal Course ID in this Course query.
titleRequired field. Text format. The title of the book that should be associated with this course. This field has a character limit of 150 characters.
notesText format. Any additional notes that you may want to store with the book in the course booklist. This field has a character limit of 500 characters.
isbnText format. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) of the book that you wish to add to the course booklist. To find the ISBN of a book, look for the bar code on the book's cover — it should be directly above it. This field has a character limit of 17 characters.