Copying Transportation Schedules for Next Year

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This article covers the process that schools can follow to copy transportation schedule records from one year to the next. It also covers the use of the ‘posted’ flag on transportation schedule records.transpo

How to Copy

There is a field called ‘copy schedule’ on transportation schedule records. This field, when set properly, will automatically copy the existing transportation schedule record over to the next school year. Note that this may be done at any time and does not depend on whether the school has Closed the school year or done other summer processes. This copy procedure simply takes the “School Year” set on the existing Transportation Schedule Record, and increases it by one when the new record is created by the copy.

Note: It’s important to know what “next” school year means in terms of this copy process. For both academic and summer school years, we are simply incrementing the current school year value by one. So a transportation schedule record assigned to the 2014-2015 school year would get copied to the 2015-2016 school year. Likewise, a Summer 2015 school year would be copied to Summer 2016.

This field has three available options:

  • No, do not copy = This is the field’s default value.
  • Yes, to be copied = By setting the field to this value, a new record will be created with all of the same information but for the next school year.
  • Copy Complete = After the record is created, it will switch the original record to this value. This will indicate that this record has already been copied for the next school year.

What is Copied

The fields that are copied over for the next year are:

  • Grading Period
  • Day
  • AM/PM
  • Transportation Method
  • Bus Route
  • Bus Stop
  • Stop Number
  • Bus Zone
  • Alternate Time
  • Notes

Posted Field

A ‘posted’ field has been added to the transportation schedule record detail screen. Once the transportation schedule record has been marked as posted, the majority of  fields will become read-only. This field is updatable, so schools can disable the posted field, make changes, then re-enable the posted field.

Workflow Suggestion

Using the ‘Copy Schedule’ and ‘Posted’ fields, schools can build a review process. Although the primary purpose of the “posted” field is that it is set by the system on the “old” records once a copy is performed (so that the “old” records are locked and not easily changed – think of it as a way to archive old records), the ‘Posted’ field can be used for the next-year schedules as well. One way this can be used is to copy over next years transportation schedule records, then review the copied records. Once the transportation schedule records have been reviewed and confirmed, the records can be marked as posted so as to minimize any potential errors in updates later on.

Tip: Remember to use the Batch Update functionality in Axiom (in lieu of a record-by-record approach).