Copying Cells and Columns in Axiom

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After a query is run, you are able to copy and paste cells directly from data grids on the query results page to any other program that uses text fields. To copy the contents of an individual cell, click on the cell and follow the steps below. To copy an entire column from a program such as Excel, click on the column header and follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the cell or column whose contents need to be copied is outlined by a blue box.
  2. Type Ctrl + C (PC) or Cmd + C (MacOS) to copy the cell’s contents to the clipboard.
  3. Type Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (MacOS) to paste the contents of the clipboard to a text field.

This specific copy/paste procedure assumes that Copy Display Values is selected and Skip Empty Values is set to YES. Read more about these values below. Pasting any multi-line value into a criteria text field will automatically insert semi-colons between each line’s value, effectively registering it as an OR query.

Copy Results Data Pop-Up Menu

To copy an entire column’s worth of data, click on a cell and type Ctrl + Shift + C (PC) or Cmd + Shift + C (macOS) to open the Copy Results Data menu.

  • Column: Select which column should be copied to the clipboard. By default, the Column of the cell that was outlined when opening this menu will be selected.
  • Rows:
    • All Rows: Copies all rows of the column selected in the Column section.
    • Current Row: Copies only the row of the cell that was outlined when this menu was opened.
  • Data Type:
    • Copy Display Value: Copies what is actually shown in the grid, including any formatting (e.g., dates, percents, and digit separators)
    • Copy Raw Data: Copies exactly what is displayed without any formatting.
  • Skip Empty Values: Do no copy blank cells.
  • Only Unique Values:  Exclude duplicate values.

Click  to copy all specified data to the clipboard and then press Ctrl + V (PC) or Cmd + V (MacOS) to paste this information to a text field.

Examples of Functionality

Below are several examples of this functionality in action (note: a PC is being used).

Copying Grid Cells

This is an example of copying a value of a cell and pasting the value into Notepad.

Note that what is copied in the example above is the display value of the contents of the cell, which includes formatting.

Pasting a Multi-Line Criteria Value

This is an example of copying a multi-line column from Excel into Axiom as a criteria value.

Note that each line is separated by a semicolon by default, effectively making it an OR query. Also note that it automatically omitted the blank cell.

Copying Record IDs Between Queries

In this example, we are copying records from one query to another and, in doing so, facilitating the batch-adding of profile codes.

Note that copying a list of links in a query result, when Copy Raw Data is selected, will copy a list of the relevant record IDs to the clipboard (e.g., selecting a person link will copy a person ID, or selecting a household link will copy a household ID).