Copying Athletic Events for the Next School Year

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Copy Athletic Events each year by using the copy procedures on the Athletic Programs homepage, accessed from the Action menu . Those with the security role of Athletic Program, Division Head 1, Division Head 2, or Division Head 3 can perform this procedure. By default, these procedures are not enabled. If a school wishes for them to be enabled, they should speak with their Account Manager to discuss the process in further detail.

Event Copy Configuration

To prepare for copying events, set the Annual Recurrence Method found under the “Other” section on the Logistics tab of each Athletic Event. There are four options in the drop down:

  1. N/A
  2. Copy – Rotate Location Annually
  3. Copy – Fixed Location
  4. Copy – Set Manually

By selecting N/A, the event will not be copied when Athletic Events are copied.

Using the option Copy – Rotate Location Annually will cause the Away/Home to swap. For example, if an opponent currently exists in the Destination Organization field, that value will be removed. If no Destination Organization previously existed, the event Opponent will fill in the Destination Organization field.

If the option Copy – Fixed Location is used, no change will be made to the Destination Organization field.

If Copy – Set Manually is chosen on the event, the Copy Event procedure will remove any data in the Destination Organization field.

Copy Events

There are three procedures available in the Action menu on the Athletic Program homepage:

  1. Create ALL NY Athletic Classes
  2. Create ALL NY Athletic Events (by day of week)
  3. Create ALL NY Athletic Events (by exact date)

In order to copy Athletic events, copying Athletic classes must come first. If any of the two Copy Event procedures are run before classes are copied, the system will report an error.

Part of copying classes is creating the coming year groups for each class (which will be tied to each event). In addition, any schedule records that existed on the current year teams will also be populated on the future team records that are created. Lastly, all coach and other class permissions will be copied to the new teams regardless of the role on the class permission record.

After all prerequisite records exist, event records can be copied. Events can by copied by day of week. In this case, the system will maintain the day of week: if for example, a game was on Friday, then the game would be scheduled a year forward, but kept on a Friday. Alternatively, the copy can be run such that it maintains the same date, one year later.

For an event to be copied, only a Annual Recurrence Method value is required. The following fields are copied:

  • Event Type
  • Description – the value is recalculated if the event Home/Away is rotating; otherwise the value is kept from the source event
  • Start Date – year is incremented forward
  • Start Time – is removed during the copy
  • End Date – year is incremented forward
  • Contact Person
  • Primary Resource
  • Destination Organization – see above for specific logic related to the changing of Destination Organization during the event copy
  • Location – value is kept if the Annual Recurrence Method is marked as Copy – Fixed Location; otherwise, the value is removed during the copy
  • URL
  • Attendance Taken
  • Default Attendance Status
  • Class Departure Time – Is removed so that the value can be recalculated.
  • Campus Departure Time – Is removed so that the value can be recalculated.
  • Venue Departure Time – Is removed so that the value can be recalculated.
  • Campus Return Time – Is removed so that the value can be recalculated.
  • Calendar Display Fields
  • Annual Recurrence Method