Copy Classes Scheduler Procedure

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This article details the steps required to get a client ready for using the Scheduler. These steps assume the Scheduler has been purchased already. If you have not yet purchased the Scheduler, but are interested, contact your Account Manager.

All clients should inform their account managers of when they need to begin scheduling.

Existing Scheduler Users

Follow these steps if you used the Scheduler last year and are getting ready to use it again this year.

  1. If there have been any changes to the existing schedule setup of a division (e.g. new rotation days or grading periods), or if a new division will be using the Scheduler, follow Step 2 for “New Scheduler Users” below.
  2. On the System homepage, use the Action menu to copy your classes from this year to next year using the special “Copy Classes (Scheduler Users)” option. Talk to your Account Manager if this option is not available to you. Important: Do not use the standard “Copy Classes” procedure. Learn more about copying classes.
  3. Navigate to the Scheduler Prep homepage, find the Scheduler Year link, and change the Public Value from the current school year to the upcoming school year.
  4. Go back to the Scheduler Prep homepage and click on the Scheduler Configuration link. Depending on the school’s configuration, there may be more than one record in the resulting query. Click into the record for the Scheduler instance that you wish to reset.
  5. Select a value from last year from the Scenario to Keep field as your initial Scenario for this year. This selection will preserve whatever constraints you had set on the Scenario you choose, so you’ll likely want to keep the Scenario from which the final schedule Result came for this year. Veracross will remove all other scenarios, and remove all results from last year, giving you a clean slate for this year.
  6. Once you have selected the desired Scenario, navigate to the Action menu on the record and run the “Reset Scheduler for New School Year” procedure. Running this procedure will render the Scheduler ready for use for the upcoming school year. Running this procedure performs the following actions:
    • Updates the description of the scenario the school wishes to keep to “Initial Scenario”
    • Deletes all other scenarios from the previous school year
    • Deletes all Scheduler Results for results that belong to the scenario the school is keeping
    • Marks any non-initial results as Inactive (and any initial as Active)
    • Ensures that an initial Schedule Result exists

Note that the “Schedule Analysis” step will not be run for returning clients, because that data already exists on the Scenario that is being kept.

New Scheduler Users

Follow these steps if you are using the Scheduler for the first time this year.

  1. Copy your classes from this year to next year using the special “Copy Classes (Scheduler Users)” option on the Action menu. This will create new copies of your classes for next year with the status of “Future”. This will copy permissions as well. Learn more about copying classes.
  2. Submit a Support Ticket to have the Scheduler set up (or modified, if you are making significant changes to your Schedule config this year). Veracross will then create a new Scheduler Configuration record or mark an existing one as updatable.

The Scheduler only supports one Rotation and Grading Period Group per division. If your Middle School and Upper School share the same Rotation, Grading Period Group, rooms, and teachers, it may be more convenient for you to schedule them together. If so, specify both MS and US as the school level, rather than submitting two sets of configuration.

After receiving the Support Ticket, Veracross will add you to the Scheduler and analyze your prior year schedules to guess at some default constraints for you, such as what courses use which blocks and what subjects use which rooms. If you do not want Veracross to do any analysis for you, specify that in the Support Ticket.

Once you have been added to the Scheduler, the Scheduler Prep home page in Axiom will be available to you to begin setting up constraints. You will also be provided with a link to log in to the Scheduler. Use your normal Veracross username and password to log in.

All Users

Once you are set up in the Scheduler, you are ready to begin scheduling. Learn more about the scheduling process to review next steps.