Copy Classes for the Next School Year Procedure

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The “Copy Classes” procedure copies classes — including course, class ID, description, teacher, room, term credit hours, etc. — from one year to the next. Note that it does not copy enrollments/rosters. It must be run by a user with System Administrator access, and is used by many schools to create a baseline for the following year’s schedule, which can then, of course, be modified.

Specifics of the Procedure

When to run it: The Copy Classes and Copy Classes (Scheduler) procedures can be run any time during the school year. It is recommended to wait until the second half of the current school year so that any changes to classes will be included in the copy procedure.

Tip: The procedure can be run more than once for any school level, however, classes will only ever be copied once. For example, if you run the “Copy LS Classes” procedure and add 3 classes to Lower School after, running the “Copy LS Classes” procedure again will only copy the new classes over to next year.  No changes or duplicates will be made to the already copied classes.

What types of classes are copied: The procedure copies all course types except Athletic Program, Other Program, Extended-Care, and Summer, and it does not copy cancelled classes or classes tied to obsoleted courses.

Note for Teachers: Teachers can copy their assignments and resources from their prior year classes using the Class Migration Assistant.

Copying Prior Year Classes

To copy classes from the current year to next year, perform the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the System homepage in Axiom and click the Action menu.
  2. Click the link to “Copy <School Level> Classes for <school year>” according to the desired school level classes you wish to copy. You can copy classes for Pre-School, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School separately.

Note: If your school uses the Veracross Scheduler, use the “Copy <School Level> Classes (Scheduler Users)” for each division using the Scheduler. If you are a Scheduler user and this menu option is not available to you, contact your account manager.

This procedure will copy the following (as applicable):

  1. School Level
  2. Class Group (not used at all schools)
  3. Course
  4. Class ID
  5. Class Description
  6. Teacher
  7. Teacher Aide
  8. Primary Grade Level
  9. Minimum Grade Level
  10. Maximum Grade Level
  11. Room
  12. Max Students
  13. Track Class Attendance flag
  14. Grading Method
  15. Grading System (not used at all schools)
  16. Assignment Grading Method
  17. Grade Conversion Scale
  18. Numeric Weight
  19. Term Credit Hours
  20. Exam Type
  21. Exam Weight
  22. Parent Portal Visibility
  23. Student Portal Visibility
  24. Report Card Form Templates
  25. Portals Grade Layout
  26. Fee
  27. Notes
  28. Grading Period Group
  29. Block Group
  30. Class Permissions (additional teachers)
  31. Class Rubric Criteria (mainly used for MYP classes)
  32. Class Schedule Records *
  33. Class Begin Date * (Date will be updated based on Class_Schedule dates)
  34. Class End Date * (Date will be updated based on Class_Schedule dates)
  35. Scheduler Grading Periods (only copied in the “Copy Classes (Scheduler Users)” procedure)

* = Not copied in the “Copy Classes (Scheduler Users)” procedure

You can also copy Other Program classes, Extended Care classes, Summer Program classes, and Athletic Teams from the current year to next in the same manner as described above. This assumes that your schools is also tracking one or more of the aforementioned.