If I'm converting from AP2 to AP3, how can I add new checklist items to my registration season in 3.0 without adding new checklist items to existing 2.0 candidates?

If you are converting to Admission Portal 3 (AP3) from Admission Portal 2 (AP2) and need to create new checklist items on your registration season, the new checklist items are automatically added to the master checklist, which affects any AP2 candidates you might have in the pipeline. Assuming you do not want to add your AP3 checklist items to existing AP2 candidates:

  1. Create the new checklist item on the registration season in AP3.
  2. Obsolete the new checklist item. 

AP3 ignores the "obsolete" flag, but AP2 respects it, so your new checklist item will be fully available in AP3 but invisible in AP2.