Configuring Web Form Options in the Admission Portal

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Part of the Admission Portal configuration process is customizing the six web forms that can be linked with different checklist items. The six Admission Portal web forms are:


  1. Pre-Application
  2. Demographic
  3. International Information


  1. Parent Questionnaire
  2. Student Questionnaire


  1. Add New Application

The standard web forms are considered to be non-school specific, but can be altered to display certain texts and suppress fields to fit the school’s preferences. The parent and student questionnaire web forms are customizable according to the school’s specifications. If the school has existing inquiry and application web forms, they can work with their Account Manager to convert their current web forms into the appropriate 4-5 Admission Portal web forms.

To configure the parent or student questionnaire web forms, use the template versions (provided by the Account Manager) to specify the desired information that should be collected. Print out the template web forms and indicate fields that should be required, added, changed, or removed. Once these templates have been reviewed, return the edited templates to the Account Manager.

As a general note, if the field does not exist on the Pre-Application, Demographic, or International Information web forms, add it to the custom questionnaires. These web forms are a catch-all for any additional information that should be gathered about the parent(s) and student(s) applying.

Pre-Application Web Form

The pre-application web form gathers basic parent, applicant, and household information for both families who are interested in inquiring at the school and for first time applicants who are applying to the school. This web form resides outside the Admission Portal and is accessed through a link on the school’s website. In addition to gathering basic information, submitting the pre-application web form provides prospects and/or parent of prospects with account creation access to the Admission Portal so they can start the admissions process.

For each parent that is added on the pre-application, he/she can choose whether or not he/she would like an Admission Portal account created. By default all parents added are selected as “Yes – I want an Admission Portal account.” The parent will be prompted with additional validation at the end of the form, confirming that at least one parent has been selected to have an Admission Portal account created. Upon submission of this form an email will be sent to all those who have specified they would like an Admission Portal account created. The email contains a link prompting the parent to set up their Admission Portal accounts. Additionally, a link will be available at the end of the pre-application form allowing the parent to jump right to the Admission Portal. Clicking this link will automatically log in the first parent designated to receive an account.

Demographic Web Form

The demographic web form collects information about the family of the applicant. Parents can update their existing information in the system and add a new parent if necessary. Information about non-applicant sibling and relatives can also be captured using this form.

If there are multiple applicants or prospects applying from the same family, only one demographic web form needs to be completed. At the end of the web form all active applicants or prospects related to this family are visible in the form of a checkbox. Selecting the related active applicants or prospects in which this demographic information applies will update their portal information and complete their demographic checklist item.

In order for the information entered on the form to map to the correct records in the database, the web form must be completed through the Admission Portal.

International Information Web Form

The international information web form gathers information about international applicants. This includes information such as passport, travel arrangements, and adult responsible.

Parent Questionnaire Web Form

Additional information that parents must submit about their applicants is collected through the parent questionnaire web form. The information gathered for this section can be a combination of short and long answer questions, as well as any information not captured from the demographic or pre-application web forms.

Student Questionnaire Web Form

Additional applicant information is collected through the student questionnaire web form. The information gathered includes language proficiency, prior and present schools attended, interests, and short answer questions. This section captures any information that was not gathered from the demographic or pre-application web forms. Once applicants complete this checklist item their person role will update from prospect to applicant and an application record will be created.

Optional Web Form


Schools have the option to add a New Prospect web form to the Admission Portal landing page. Parents who already have portal access may start the admissions process for another child by clicking the “Add New Application” link. This opens the New Prospect web form. There are two options on this form for starting the admission process for another child:

Existing Person
When a parent clicks the “Add New Application” link, they should first check the “Person” drop-down menu to see if their child is already in the system. If they are, only the child’s name needs to be selected from the drop-down, no other information needs to be entered on the web form. Submitting this form for a child already in the system will update their current person record.

The “existing person” dropdown lists any children whom the parent/guardian completing the web form have legal custody of and who are not already applying, applied, or enrolled for the active admission year or future years. These children must have a relationship of (step)son/daughter to the legal parent/guardian or have the former student, former applicant, or sibling roles. Children who have the role of student, applicant, or future student will not appear in this dropdown.

New Person
If the child is not in the system the “Person” drop-down menu will read “None Available.” Parents will need to add their child’s information in the New Person section. Submitting the form will add a new prospect record for the child.

Once the form is submitted, the child’s name will appear in the Applicant column in the Admission Portal. Parents can continue the admission process for the new prospect by clicking the “View Application” button under the applicant’s name.

Important Note: “Add New Application” should only be used for parents who would like to start the admissions process for a child they have not yet submitted the pre-application for. If a parent is wondering whether they need to start the application process again, a useful tip is to check if the name of the child they are interested in is listed in the “Applicants” column of the Admission Portal. If yes, parents should click the “View Application” button and proceed. Completing the “Add New Application” web form for children who are already in the system will result in duplicate prospect records and applications.