Configuring Funds

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In Veracross, a fund defines how money will be used within an organization. A school will typically set up a particular fund for which it wants to raise money, and then associate that fund with one or more campaigns. A fund can be broad, such as an Annual Fund to raise money for general operating costs, or more targeted, such as library renovations or equipment purchases. Read more about campaigns, funds, and events.

To Add a New Fund

  1. On the Development homepage, hover over the Add  button and select “Funds.”
  2. Fill in the at least the Fund Description on the General tab (detailed below) and click Add Fund  which will enable the rest of the tabs.

General Tab

  • Fund Description: This required field is the name of the fund.
  • Abbreviation: A shortened description for the Fund Description, used in a number of reports.
  • Other Description: A third description, used on Online Giving forms (not required).
  • Available Online: If set to “yes,” this fund can be referenced on an Online Giving form.
  • Fund Type: Used to designate the fund as Annual, Capital, or Endowment.
  • Fund Category: Choose from several school-defined options to indicate the fund’s purpose. Note that while these are defined by the schools, they are configured on the back-end. To configure more Fund Categories, please speak with your Account Manager.
  • Restricted: Set to “yes” if the fund is for restricted gifts.
  • Notes: An optional field used to track internal Development Office notes regarding the fund.
  • Locked: Set to “yes” only when the fund will no longer be used and should not appear in reports; may be used whether the fund has gifts tied to it or not.

Configuration Tab

  • Include in Campaign Giving: Indicates whether or not giving to this fund should be included when giving categories (i.e. levels) are calculated. Only applies when the Giving Category Giving Definition is set to “Donations + Soft Credits.”
  • Include in Lifetime Giving: Indicates whether gifts in the fund will be included in a household’s lifetime giving category (i.e. level). Only applies when Giving Category Giving Definition is “Donations + Soft Credits.”
  • Accounting Fields: These three fields apply to Veracross Accounting. Contact your Account Manager if you have questions.

Campaigns Tab

Apply the fund to one or more campaigns. This final step can also be accomplished from a campaign detail screen via the Funds tab.