Configuring Confirmation Emails for Online (Re)Enrollment

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Within Online Enrollment and Re-enrollment, emails can be sent to parents based on their child’s contract status and online re-enrollment status. These emails result in an entry in the child’s Enrollment Detail Log.

Email Recipients

These emails will be sent to any person who has a Person Relationship record for the enrollee where Online Enrollment Access is set to either “Standard” or “Standard + signature required”. During the contract signing process, when one “Standard” parent signs a contract, any other parent who is marked as “Standard” will be updated to “Standard + signature not required”. Therefore, this is intended to be sent to parent(s)/guardian(s) who have signed the contract.

In March 2017 this logic has been clarified to further improve on its original intent. The two different Confirmation email types will only be sent to parent(s) who have signed the contract.

Enrollment Email

The Enrollment email is sent when the school has made the decision to accept the student and open enrollment to them. In order for a student’s household to be able to receive this email, the following must be true:

  • The Portal is Open
  • Online Enrollment Status is either (1/4) Eligible or (2/4) Contract Open
  • At least one person has ORE access
  • The Enrollment Type is New Enrollment
  • The Parent Username is not NULL

If the school needs to send this email and not all of these are true, such as in the case of an e-mail being re-sent and they are on step 3/4, they can either send it through Composer or through a distribution list using merge variables.

Contract Complete Email

The “Contract Complete Email” is sent when the contract has all of the required signatures on the online contract. This email is sent out in real time once the contract has been signed.

Enrollment Complete Email

The “Enrollment Complete Email” is sent to the contract signer(s), for any contract who have an “Online Enrollment Status” of ‘4/4 Complete’. That is, the contract must be signed, and complete (and the associated “Contract” checklist item must be complete) and all other Online checklist items must be complete (typically this means that Payment must also be received). Once that occurs, the Online Enrollment status will reflect ‘4/4 Complete’ and the email may be sent to all contract signers. When the last required Enrollment Checklist item is completed, the field “Communication Status” on the Enrollment History table will be updated to “Ready to Send”. This email is sent out daily at a time chosen by the school and is governed by a scheduled job called “Send Enrollment Complete Email” that sends the email to any person with a “Ready to Send” Communication Status. 

To edit this email, navigate to the Scheduled Jobs query on the System homepage:

System homepage > Scheduled Jobs > Send Enrollment Complete Email

If you would like to enable this scheduled job, please contact your Veracross account manager.

Enrollment Complete Emails – Ready To Send

Schools can review who will receive this email by going to the Online Enrollment homepage and clicking on the “Enrollment Complete Emails – Ready To Send” under the ‘Reports’ heading.

New OE and ORE schools should review this report prior to Enabling the Scheduled Job. The Communication Status should be set to “Do Not Send” for those who have already completed the enrollment process so that they will not receive the email.

Communication Status Field

To view this field, click on the “Enrollment Complete Emails – Ready To Send” link. Within the query design, you will need to set the Communication Status field to display.

A few notes about the Communication Status field:

  • By default, everyone is set to “Incomplete”.
  • When enrollment is completed, the value will be updated to “Ready to Send”.
  • When the scheduled job is completed, the value will be updated to “Sent”.
  • The value “Do Not Send” can be used to never send the email to the future student’s family.
  • Communication Status is updated as a part of the Contract Reset and Enrollment Reset options. These will reset the value back to incomplete unless the value is set to “Do Not Send”, in which case it will remain as “Do Not Send” unless manually changed.

Email Templates

To customize the Templates for these emails, click on the Email Templates link on the System Homepage.

The email templates will be titled: New Enrollment Complete, New Enrollment Contract Complete, ReEnrollment Complete, ReEnrollment Contract Complete

The following merge fields will be available for these templates:

  • {parent_first_name}
  • {parent_last_name}
  • {parent_preferred_name}
  • {parent_prefix}
  • {parent_salutation_addressee}
  • {first_name}
  • {middle_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {preferred_name}
  • {full_name}
  • {name_suffix}
  • {date_of_birth}
  • {grade_level}
  • {school_year_long}
  • {campus}
  • {resident_status}
  • {student_group}
  • {enrollment_type}
  • {he_she}
  • {him_her}
  • {his_her}
  • {his_hers}

Choosing Email Templates

To choose the email templates that will be used when sending each of the above emails:

  1. Go to the Online Enrollment Home Page
  2. Select the “Online Re-Enrollment Config” or the “Online Enrollment Config” links
  3. Under the General tab, there are two fields: “Contract Complete Email” and “Enrollment Complete Email”
  4. Select the appropriate email template from the drop down options for these two fields: “New_Enrollment_Contract_Complete”, “Re_Enrollment_Contract_Complete”, “New_Enrollment_Complete” and “Re_Enrollment_Complete

Note: the email template options that appear in the dropdown boxes are governed by email templates that are associated with the ‘Enrollment’ module. This field is visible when clicking the “Email Templates” link from the System Home Page.