Configuring Banners in Axiom and Portals

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Custom banners can be added to Axiom by a Veracross engineer. Note that the banner/background of new portals can be customized directly in Axiom by the school. This article only pertains to Axiom banners.

The image you submit to your Account Manager should conform to the following parameters:

  • Filetype: .jpg or .png
  • Dimensions: 1440px x 960px.
  • File size: under 500KB and web-optimized

Ideal images are simple, light in color, and generally do not have people in them (at least close up). Images of your school’s campus often work well, as do images featuring broad color gradients (like the sky).

Creating a Banner

In addition to Photoshop, Preview (Mac), and other computer-based software, online tools like, Compressor, or Optimizilla are useful for file resizing and optimizing banner images. Search the web for “resize, optimize image” to find even more options, many of them free.

The following screenshots show what Axiom looks like without any banner. It can be used to help determine how your prospective image will look. To access it, click the image and then right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) and select “Save Image” (or similar).