Configuring Attendance Reminder Emails for Teachers

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Attendance reminder emails can be enabled to send automated emails to all teachers who have not taken attendance in one or more of their classes on a given day. The day, time, and email template are configurable by the school. Attendance reminders for either master-attendance or class-attendance classes (or both) must be initially enabled by an engineer, after which frequency and other parameters can be set by the school. Schools should contact their account manager to set them up. By default, only teachers with the role of “Primary Teacher” will receive these emails.

Job Configuration

A scheduled job can be set up to to send an email once or more throughout the day for each day of the week. The email will get sent to any teacher who has a class that begins prior to the time the job runs where the class attendance status is Not Taken.

The “Send Attendance Reminder” job is accessed from the “Scheduled Jobs” link on the System homepage. When scheduling this job, specify the time the emails should start for each day of the week. If the email should be sent repeatedly every 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes, please indicate how often and what time they should end.

Email Template

Using the Attendance_Not_Taken email template found on the System homepage, the email template can be configured to show the date and class(es) for which the teacher forgot to take attendance. This email is configurable by each school.