Configuring Assignment Types

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Assignment types used by teachers in the gradebook can be obsoleted in Axiom, and a request can be made to add new ones on a school-wide basis. Schools can also control which assignment types appear on exam calendars and display color.

Class Assignment Type Options

Access all class assignment types from the System homepage under “Academics.” The four “Display on…” fields, color, and obsolete check box are editable.

Display on… Fields: Controls whether assignments in these types will display on the indicated calendars: three exam calendars and the household calendar. The purpose of exam calendars is so that teachers can see how much work is assigned to students for the purpose of exam timing. Read more about exam calendars. Displaying assignments on the household calendar can be desirable if the school wants to have the assignment display alongside other school events on the household calendar. Read more about household calendars.

Color: Double-click on the color to edit, either by typing a new hexadecimal value (e.g., #3F991E) or using the color picker. The color is displayed on the calendars.

Obsolete: Click to make an assignment type obsolete, i.e., to remove it from the list of assignment types available in the gradebook.

Customizing and Using Assignment Types

Veracross includes a number of assignment types by default: classwork, homework, quiz, etc., as well as five “Other” categories. Since these assignment types are school-wide, the “Other” categories can be utilized differently by teachers in their own classes. For example, one teacher might use the “Other1” category for a special weekly journal grade and “Other2” for particular kind of daily quiz or exit ticket.

Since class assignment types cannot be added directly by a school, nor can they be deleted, the following two steps are recommended when initially setting up assignment types or making modifications:

  1. Submit a list of new assignment types to your account manager. An engineer will add them to the list of class assignment types.
  2. Check “Obsolete” for any assignment types no longer being used, which will drop them off the list of options in the gradebook. Note that assignment types are school-wide, so if a school has been using the default categories for a while, it is recommended to check with teachers before making any obsolete.