Configuring Application Statuses to Display Decision Letters

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After the decision letter text templates have been set up, the next step in the admissions decision publishing process is to assign those text templates to individual decision statuses. In addition, each application status needs to be configured so that it can be made available online when the admissions office is ready to publish decisions to families.

Process Flow

Step 1: Locate the master list of application statuses

The configuration that enables various decision letters to be visible online is established on each individual application status. To find the master list of application statuses, navigate to the System homepage in Axiom and scroll halfway down the page. The Admissions section header should be available in the center column, and the Application Statuses query should be the second available link beneath the header. Click on the link to view the full list of application statuses.

Step 2: Determine which statuses should be available online

Application Status QueryWhen viewing the Application Statuses list prior to configuring decision letters, the Available Online flags will be unchecked by default. For all applications with each type of status, this flag determines whether or not it will be possible to allow decisions to be visible online. Note: checking this flag will not automatically publish application decisions to families. If decision letter text templates have been created and the decisions will be made available online, check the box for each status for which decisions will eventually be published.

Step 3: Select the corresponding text template for each status

For each application status with the Available Online flag checked, use the dropdown in the Decision Text Template field to select the appropriate decision letter template. Assigning the text templates to the decision statuses informs the system which letter should be used for each applicant, whether accepted, denied, waitlisted, or otherwise categorized. If decision text templates do not yet exist, refer back to this article for instructions.

Step 4: Determine whether responses should be allowed

If applicants are requested to inform the admissions office if they plan to enroll, check the Allow Online Response flag for each status that necessitates a reply. After publication, the flag will enable a button to appear at the end of the decision letter that allows applicants to confirm or decline their intention to enroll.

Next Steps

After the application statuses have been configured, the final step is to publish the decisions to the Admission Portal for families to view. The steps for publishing the decisions are available in the next installment of this how-to series.