Configuration for Event Type, Checklist and Email Notifications in Online Event Registration

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Event Type Settings

The “Event Type” report (“System” homepage) allows each school to configure how they want default functionality to work. Here are some of the options for setting default fields based on Event Type:

  • Fields “Visibilty”: “Public”, “Display on Parent Calendar”, “Display on Student Calendar”, “Display on Staff/Faculty Calendar”, “Display on Alumni Calendar” and “Display on Group Members Only”
  • Calendar Link Style: The color of the link styles that display on calendars
  • Default Checklist Template: So you can default an event to have a certain template based on event type (eg. “Field Trip” event type will always get the “Field Trip” event checklist).

Event Checklist Configuration

The first step to create an event checklist is to create checklist template records. Event Checklist templates can be created from the System homepage ‘+Add’ dropdown menu at the top right. It is possible to create different templates as the items required may differ based on the event (for example, an Away game has different tasks than a Home game).

After templates have been created, the next step is to configure the individual checklist items. Event checklist items can be also be created from the System homepage ‘+Add’ dropdown menu and might include tasks like ‘Opponent Confirmed’ or ‘Referee Confirmed.’ From the event checklist item record it is possible to add a ‘Default Assigned To Person,’ note whether the item is required, and adjust the overall sort key.

The final step is to attach individual event checklist items to the event checklist templates. This is done from the ‘Templates’ tab on the event checklist item record.

Event Notification Templates

There are three default Event Notification templates that need to be configured for use. They are:

  • Athletic Event Notification
  • Event Notification
  • Game Outcome

However, more templates can be configured for other use. Each email template supports a list of supported merge fields that are documented in each email template. Find the email templates on the System Homepage via the link Email Templates.

Each template supports HTML in the body along with merge fields. Once the templates are set up, notifications can begin to be used.