Composer Review Process

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The Composer permission setting, “Author Only” makes it possible to require that emails, text messages, and articles are reviewed before they are sent. Review configuration is set per communication channel and user, making it possible to have different workflows for different channels and users. Email notifications alert the relevant parties that new content is ready for review.

The Review Process

  1. An email, SMS, or article is authored.
  2. The author marks the email, SMS, or article as ready for review. An email notification will be sent to anyone with “Receive Review Notification” checked indicating that the content is ready for review.
  3. The email, SMS, or article is reviewed by one or more people and gets marked as Complete.
  4. At this point, the original Author or the Reviewer can send the email or SMS, publish the article, or both.


Read more about Channel security, including definitions of different publish permissions.

Configuring the content review workflow is managed per communication channel. On the Publish Permissions tab of the channel, any user set as “Author Only” will require a review process before the content can be published. When the Author gets to the Confirm & Send page in Composer, they are given the option to submit their content for review. Other users with permissions to “Publish” can complete the review process.

The field “Receive Review Notification” will trigger emails when an email, SMS, or article associated with this Channel is marked as ready for review.

An author with publish permissions can decide to send the email directly after authoring, but can also update the review status on the email, SMS or article from the Confirm & Send page. In addition, it is possible for the user with Author + Publish permissions to send notifications to any other users with permissions on that channel who have been configured to receive them.

Veracross will avoid sending a review notification to the sender if that same sender is included in the list of users set up to receive review notifications. In other words, an author will not receive a notification of their own email for review.