Explore the features in the Composer tool to help enable stylized communication with Veracross.


Composer Overview
The Composer Editor is a robust tool that allows teachers and other school constituents to create highly customizable and visually appealing content quickly and easily.
Channel Update Form in Composer
The Channel Update Form allows recipients to manage any channels that they have been allowed to see on the form.
Click-Tracking in Composer
Emails sent with Composer have the ability to track links that are clicked by recipients, enabling schools to discern which linked content is viewed in emails.
Communication Channel Management in Composer
Communication Channels organize Composer-based communication. They can be customized to allow users to view which channels from which they receive emails, and to opt out of certain ones as well (if configured).
Composer Review Process
The Composer permission setting, “Author Only” makes it possible to require that emails, text messages, and articles are reviewed before they are sent.
Composer Templates and Themes
Veracross templates are a component of Composer that allows schools to create emails from previously created content.
Emails with Customized Merge Data
Data from virtually any query can be merged into a Composer email, provided that Composer is launched from a query result (not started via a group, in which case only recipient merge fields are available).
Fonts in Composer
Fonts are a great way to bring character and impact to your Composer email.
Launching Composer
Composer can be used to craft rich content for emails, and combined with the power of groups, used for targeted communication with constituents.
Writing a Composer Email
Regardless of how Composer is launched, the basic workflow for crafting the email is largely the same. This article outlines various options for writing and sending an email from Composer.