Event Components

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Event information pulls from configured events within the system. Events can be displayed in list format, card (horizontal or vertical), or as a schedule.


The primary configurable areas fall into one of three categories: data, positioning, and styling.


Events are added to a component by Event Type. One or more event types may be displayed within a given component and filtered accordingly to display only the desired events. Filtering options include school level, grade level, campus, primary group, and more.


Positioning determines how the date, event type description, and time display. This includes not only justification settings but also visibility settings for event data such as whether or not the event type description is displayed. The positioning configuration options will be different depending on the event component type chosen.


Set a background for the entire event component and change the text color.

Display Options

Single Line List

A simple list of article links, displaying date, title, and channel.

Multi Line List

A list of articles with images, allowing display of article summary.

Vertical Card List

A vertical list of article cards with images.

Horizontal Card List

A horizontal list of article cards with images.

Masonry Card List

A list of article cards with images displayed in a Pinterest-style layout.

Banner Carousel

A auto-advancing carousel of images with article information laid over.