Completion Statuses for Assignments

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The following is a description of each Assignment Completion Status and how each one affects the overall grade.  A red heading indicates the status DOES impact the PTD grade, black indicates the status has NO impact on the final grade.



The teacher has not graded the assignment.  Either the assignment is not yet due, or the teacher has collected the assignment but has not yet started grading it. The assignment will always stay Pending until the teacher begins to enter grades, even if the due date has past.  A Pending assignment has no affect on the overall grade.


The assignment has been completed and turned in by the student.  All the points awarded for the Complete assignment will factor into the overall grade.

Turned In/Not Graded

The assignment has been turned in but the teacher has not yet graded it. An assignment turned in but not graded has no effect on the overall grade, even if a grade is present.

Not Turned In

A student has not turned in their assignment even though the assignment has been collected on the due date and grades have been entered for the rest of the class.  A Not Turned In assignment will be calculated as a zero into the overall grade.


A student did not turn in their assignment by the due date. An assignment may be marked late if it has been turned in past its due date and graded, or not yet turned in and not graded. An assignment that is late and not graded will be calculated as a zero into the overall grade until a teacher enters a grade for the late assignment.


The assignment has been turned in but is only partially completed.  The grade entered is factored in according to the points grading or assignment type grading. A zero is factored in if the grade is left blank.

Complete/No Credit

This status allows teachers to indicate that an assignment has been completed, but the student should receive no credit (e.g. a zero) for the assignment.  If a non-zero grade is entered, it will factor into the final grade.

Not Required to Complete

Typically, this status is used when a student is exempt from this requirement.  The other common scenario is extra credit. If an assignment is marked as extra credit, the assignment completion status will default to “Not Required to Complete” and students who complete the extra credit assignment will have a status of “Complete.”  This way, those who do not complete the assignment are not penalized.  Assignments marked “Not Required to Complete” have no effect on the overall grade, regardless of whether a grade is entered.


Below are instances of errors ocurring due to Assignment Completion statuses and how to troubleshoot the underlying issue.

‘Divide by 0’ Error Message

This error message is typically encountered when a user is attempting to view a report card. The underlying reason behind this issue is that an assignment designated as as being included in the Calculated Grade has a maximum score of 0. This, by itself, does not cause the error to occur, however, when a student recieves any assignment completion status highlighted in red above, the divide by zero error ocurrs. To rectify this issue, set “Include in Calculated Grade” to No.