Completing and Reviewing Purchase Requisitions


Once all pertinent data is entered for a requisition, a user must set a flag to indicate that their requisition is “complete.”  The completed requisition is then eligible to be reviewed by whomever has authorization to approve purchase requisitions; and if the requisition is approved, it will become a bona fide Purchase Order. Reviewers can then approve or deny the requests.

Approving/Rejecting Purchase Requisitions

A certain group of users will be authorized to review, approve or disapprove purchase requisitions.  They can reject the requisition entirely by setting a “rejected” flag, approve the requisition as entered by the requester, or make modifications to alter or add information. If they make modifications, they may subsequently mark the requisition as “approved.”

When a requisition is marked “approved,” the system records the person who approved it and the date. In addition, the system automatically assigns a PO number and date to the requisition. At that point, the transaction is no longer a requisition, but has been transformed into an official Purchase Order.

A requisition does not need to be marked “rejected” or “approved” in a separate step or process apart from normal requisition input and update procedures (read more here).  The only prerequisite is that the requisition first be marked as “complete.”

Approving or Rejecting a Requisition

To approve or reject a requisition, navigate to the Main homepage and click  Requisitions Needing My Approval in the “Other” section. On a PO detail screen, navigate to the “Disposition” tab.

  • To approve a requisition: Click the “PO Authorized? (L1)” toggle button to either “Yes.”
  • To reject a requisition: Click the “Rejected?” toggle button to “Yes.”

Click the  “Update” button after either action.