Client Troubleshooting Best Practices


The following describes the recommended best practices for entering a good request ticket.

Step 1: Describe your goal.
Example: We are ready to open up report card grade entry for MS S2.


Step 2: Describe the problem.
Example: It looks like teachers can’t yet enter grades. As an example, I logged in as teacher Kate Young in her algebra class (class id: MSAlg1.1) but you could also see this problem by logging in as any MS teacher.


Step 3: Tell us what steps you’ve already taken.
Example: I checked the Grading Periods report and I see that MS S2 is set to display but I’m not sure what else I am missing.


Step 4: Tell us your timeframe/urgency level.
Example: This is a high priority item because teacher grades are due in one week.


Additional tips:
– It’s also very helpful to include URLs to documents if you are troubleshooting a report card, progress report, transcript, etc.
– Screenshots can also be valuable in so far as they capture a problem that is not replicable in the live database, but URLs are more useful for troubleshooting.