Client Training and Support


Veracross provides training and support to its clients in three major areas: documentation, training, and support.

Learn Veracross (this site)

Find documentation articles, webinars (both upcoming and recorded), product updates (called "VC Updates") and onboarding training. 

Client Digests and Email Communications

Veracross produces a monthly Client Digest that pulls together information from across our platforms, highlighting timely tips and news. We also send emails of major enhancements and updates, often with links to webinars and documentation, to keep clients abrupt of the latest Veracross news.


Training Events (

We host Veracross events across the world, for instance our Asia and Europe Summits, and our “Boot Camp” training at our main office in Wakefield, MA, as well as regional trainings on a rotating basis. We also put on a massive Veracross User Conference every 2-3 years. Check out the Events page on our website, which includes events at which Veracross is exhibiting or presenting.

Onsite Training

We go onsite to each school for initial training, and many schools have us return in subsequent years for refresher trainings or when new modules are added.

Web Training

Some schools opt for additional web training provided by their Account Manager.

Personalized Support

Client Portal & TST

All clients are set up with their own “client portal,” an online tool to submit questions and support requests, and we consider it our “first line of defense.” At our Wakefield office, our Technical Support Team (TST) is a Tier 1 support layer that serves as the first stop for all tickets, and the entire stop for many. The TST owns most technical issues in tickets from submission through resolution. They will communicate anticipated timelines, clarify issues and intended outcomes on the ticket, and communicate with the AM when needed. All client requests come through the system, enabling quick responses to many questions, and easy funneling of larger issues directly to the dedicated account managers.

Read more about TST.

Dedicated Veracross Account Manager (AM)

Our account managers are the main hub of client support and relationship management. They serve as schools’ main contact at Veracross who assist in managing priorities, planning yearly projects, and surfacing timely information and resources. It is a standard practice to hold regular — often weekly — calls with their schools to troubleshoot any issues, provide general guidance, follow up with Client Portal tickets as needed, and offer tips and suggestions for using Veracross. In addition, they work with their support engineer, so that both the AM and engineer quickly get to know the particular nuances of how *your* school does business.

Support Engineering (SE)

While a school doesn’t directly interface with the Veracross support engineering team, they provide technical support on issues and questions as needed. Tickets are submitted to the SE team via the TST or the school’s Account Manager.

Emergency Support

We offer emergency support during non-business hours. Read more about emergency support.

Peer Support

There is a Veracross Google User’s Group that is also a nice forum to post questions and get help/answers from your peers. Search for “Veracross” in Google Groups to locate and request to join.

Included Support Services

Point Person Guidance

Continued coaching of the school’s Veracross point person is an important part of the service an AM provides.

Communication of Best Practices

A school’s account manager often provides insight into best practice of VC use to the school’s point person and other approved staff.

Minor Module Re-Configuration

Small configuration changes that require little to no code changes can be made.

Additional Extra-Cost Services

Personalized or Group Training for new Staff

A variety of different training opportunities are available each year. These range from regional trainings for specific departments to highly personalized training provided to individual schools on campus. Forms of training include:

  • On-site Training
  • Formal Web-Training
  • Regional Group Training

Formal Consulting

A Veracross Senior Account Manager can work with a school or with certain departments, lending an experienced voice toward solving complicated problems, or re-designing new workflows within Veracross.

Supplemental Project Management

At times, schools may require additional project management services. A Veracross team member can be made available to help lead small to large projects for set periods of time.

Major Document or Module Re-Configuration

It is not uncommon to require changes to originally implemented modules or other VC functionality. Veracross can help make these fundamental changes along with helping navigate the many implications such changes can have on the wider system. One example would be grading period changes.

Additional Academic Documents

Veracross works with schools to build custom Report Cards, Transcripts, and Progress Reports.

Data Imports

Veracross can provide data import services not made available via the Veracross Import tool.

Backup Restoration

A School can request a restore of a backup to recover accidentally deleted or corrupted data.

School-Sponsored General Product Development

Schools will sometimes sponsor specific system changes or enhancements that are not already on the Veracross roadmap.

School-Specific Custom Configuration

Some areas of the Veracross system support custom configuration (GPAs, Admission Web Forms, etc). It is not uncommon for schools to work with Veracross on non-default configuring in those areas.

School-Specific Custom Projects

The Veracross team is happy to work with schools on custom projects. While project feasibility and timeline is based on a number of factors, many schools utilize the expertise of VC engineering to create functionality tailored to their organization.