Clever Integration

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Veracross offers an extra-cost integration with Clever, a service for transferring school information in a secure manner from Veracross to a web application. Clever partners with dozens of third-party apps and web applications, and with this integration, those apps can easily use Veracross data. Learn more about Clever by clicking here.

How would Clever Integration benefit my school?

Clever integration gives schools more options for integration with various third-party apps. For example, Clever makes it possible to bring Veracross data into a third-party LMS of choice more easily than manually exporting/importing data would allow.

Clever and Veracross

If your school is interested in this extra-cost integration, first contact Clever and enable an account. Once your school has signed up with Clever, you will be given credentials to a Clever SFTP account. Veracross uses these credentials to automate the transfer of teacher, student, parent, class, and class enrollment data from Veracross and into Clever-enabled applications.

How do I prepare my school for Clever Integration?

  1. Obtain SFTP credentials from Clever and provide these to your Veracross Account Manager.
  2. Configure “Primary grade level” on every class that you would like to have exported out of Veracross and into Clever. “Primary grade level” configuration in Veracross will not have any detrimental effect on your school’s use of Veracross; if a class Primary Grade Level is configured as “grade 9”, it is still possible to enroll students of any other grade level in that class; the purpose of configuring a Primary Grade Level is so that Clever can use the data for their purposes. Note that Clever only allows the following primary grade levels to be imported:
    • Pre-K
    • K-12
    • Post-Graduate

If this set of grade levels is not sufficient, please contact Clever.

Export Process

The following data are sent nightly from Veracross to Clever, and updates to data made within Veracross will display within Clever after the sync runs.


Note: Veracross exports students, parents, and emergency contacts to Clever.

Clever Field NameVeracross Field Name
school_id(Unique number internal to Veracross)
student_idPerson ID
last_nameLast Name
first_nameFirst Name
gradeCurrent Grade
student_emailEmail 1
contact_typeValues: Emergency or Family
contact_nameFirst_name + Last_Name
contact_phoneMobile or home phone
contact_emailEmail 1


Clever Field NameVeracross Field Name
school_id(Unique number internal to Veracross)
teacher_idPerson ID
teacher_emailEmail 1
first_nameFirst Name
last_nameLast Name
titleJob Title


Note: Clever calls classes “sections.”

Clever Field NameVeracross Field Name
school_id(Unique number internal to Veracross)
section_idClass ID
teacher_idPerson ID (Teacher)
teacher_2_idPerson ID (Teacher Aide)
nameClass Description
section_numberInternal Class ID
gradePrimary Grade Level
course_numberInternal Course ID
term_startGrading Period Begin Date
term_endGrading Period End Date


Clever Field NameVeracross Field Name
school_id(Unique number internal to Veracross)
section_idClass ID
student_idPerson ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does data flow both directions in this integration?

Answer 1: No, data only flows from Veracross to Clever, and not the other direction.

Question 2: How often is data sent to Clever?

Answer 2: The SFTP sync to Clever from Veracross runs nightly.

Question 3: Does this export reference class permissions?

Answer 3: No. It exports people referenced in the teacher and teacher's aide fields on the general tab of the class record.