Timelines on a Class Website

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The Class Website Timeline is a visual representation of all activity conducted by the teacher per day in the class schedule. Each week in the class schedule displays as a section heading and, if activity occurred during a day in that week, all activity is listed as a separate line by day. Activity can either be something a teacher has added to the class website that day such as an update to a photo gallery, a new post, a due assignment, lesson plan, or discussion. Both teachers and students or parents are able to see the exact same Timeline, facilitating communicate between the information creator (the teacher) and information receiver (the parent(s) and student(s)). Any activity listed along the Timeline also provided a direct link to that specific section within the class website.

Timeline Activity

All activity that is specifically associated with a date during the class will appear on the Timeline. Each activity is color coated and assigned a specific icon according to the kind of content added or activity contented. The following is a glossary of the icons that will appear in the Timeline.

Assignment Assigned
Assignment Due
Discussion Open/Closed
Full Post/Quick Post
Lesson Plans

Timeline Content

There are four class website content areas that can be added directly from the Timeline tab in the class website management section of the Teacher Portal. These content areas are usually time sensitive and thus have direct impact on the daily activity of the class.

Quick Post

Quick posts are short content areas intended to communicate information to parents and students quickly. Click on the “Quick Post” tile to open the post editer window. Enter in the title of the post, this is how it will appear in the Timeline and the Post tab in the class website. Add the content of the post in the text field and click publish when done. Once a Quick Post is published it cannot be edited, so be sure all content is accurate before publishing.


Posts are longer messages intended to communicate brief and often time-sensitive information to students and parents. Click on the “Posts” tile to begin the process of adding a new post. First enter a title for the post; this is how it will appear in the Timeline and the Post tab in the class website. When adding full posts, advanced content options are available to help create visually appeal content quickly. Click “Continue to Editor” to launch the Composer Editor. Learn more about creating content with the Composer Editor.


The Assignment tile in the Timeline provides teachers quick access to create assignments whenever they need. This is a condensed version of Assignment creator in the Gradebook and thus has only the essential options necessary for creating the Assignment record such as assignment type, description, start date/due date, display options for the portal, details, etc. When an assignment is added from the Timeline, it will appear in the Gradebook. Further editing and display settings for this new assignment should be controlled from the Gradebook.

Lesson Plan

The Lesson Plan tile, like the Assignment option, allows teachers to quickly insert a lesson plan for today from the Timeline. Clicking on the “Lesson Plan” tile will launch the Lesson Plan editor in a new window. Again, further editing should be conducted from the Lesson Plan section of Calendars & Lessons.

Note: Because the Timeline only displays time sensitive content such as assignment dates and posts, pages do not appear. This is because a page is considered static content, or content that will remain constant throughout the duration of the class.