Camera and Files Application on a Class Website

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The Camera & Files App allows teachers to use their iOS device to upload photos and other resources to their teacher library. The app uses iOS function and interface to add photos and files right to your class website or resource library right from their camera other applications that allow file sharing. Users must have a Faculty role and be teaching a class in order for logins to work.

Getting Started

You should see each of your classes once you log in using your portals username and password. Select a class to begin viewing and editing the related photos. Optionally switch to the Library tab to view the collections in your resource library.

Taking and Uploading a Picture

Press the camera button at the bottom of the screen to take a picture. Select the “Take Photo” option and take a picture. Once the picture is taken, select a Gallery to upload the photo to. (Note: if you take a picture while in the Library tab, you will be able to upload the picture to a particular collection and label).

Taking Multiple Pictures

In order to capture moments as they happen use the native camera app to capture the photos you want. When you’re ready upload the images from the Camera & Files app using the “Choose Existing” option when pressing the camera button.

Automatically Saving Photos to a Library

Any picture you take can automatically be saved to your photo library. Simply turn this preference on in the Settings app on your device. VC Camera should be listed under the applications section.

Uploading a File

The Camera & Files app allows you to upload files from other applications that allow file sharing (Dropbox, Pages, and Numbers are good examples). Within the other App you will have the option to open the file with Camera & Files. You can then upload this file directly to your resource library. A variety of resources can be added in this app, including pdf files, images, documents and any other file type supported by iOS.

Viewing Photos and Resources

The app allows you to navigate from photo to photo, zoom in on photos — even email, copy and save the photo to your library. All sorts of file types can be viewed right inside the App itself, allowing you to navigate as you please.

Adding a Folder

Tap the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the screen and enter a name for the new folder.

Removing a Folder

Swipe the cell of the gallery you would like to delete then tap the delete button.

Renaming a Folder

Open the folder you would like to rename. Tap the rename button in the top right corner of the screen.

Removing a Photo

Open a photo in a gallery. Click the trash icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Removing a Resource

Swipe the cell of the resource you would like to delete then tap the delete button.

Adding Links and Labels

Labels and links can be added to collections from the app. Simply tap the add button when you’re inside of a collection to get started.