Class Website

Learn about designing your own class website through Gradebook here.


Class Website Overview
Class websites provide teachers with a highly customizable tool for managing class content.
Camera and Files Application on a Class Website
The Camera & Files App allows teachers to use their iOS device to upload photos and other resources to their teacher library.
Class Discussions on a Class Website
As more and more class resources go online, web-based tools for learning, communication and evaluation become increasingly important.
Content Management on a Class Website
The class website is an extension of the teacher’s classroom instruction. It provides a space in which teachers can make available additional resources and facilitate communication between themselves, their students, and parents.
Embedding Media on a Class Website
With the Media content option in the Veracross Publisher, you can embed videos, maps, documents, and more.
Homepage Management on a Class Website
The homepage is one of the most important parts of a website. It is the user’s first impression of the site and often communicates the most important or significant information.
Managing Photo Galleries on a Class Website
Manage photos of class activities, field trips, and more using Galleries on the Photos tab of the class in the Teacher Portal or from the group portal administrative page.
Timelines on a Class Website
The Class Website Timeline is a visual representation of all activity conducted by the teacher per day in the class schedule. Each week in the class schedule displays as a section heading and, if activity occurred during a day in that week, all activity is listed as a separate line by day.