Class Permissions Import Type

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The Veracross Data Importer allows schools to import class permissions, as seen on the input grid of the Permissions tab on a Class detail screen, for existing people in the school’s database. These classes must already exist and any permissions that are imported override permissions that already may be assigned to them.
Uploading Class Permissions involves the following two steps:

  1. Preparing the data for upload using the Class Permission template, which is provided before data import on the Importer site.
  2. Uploading the data using the Veracross Data Importer.

Preparing the Data for Upload

The user must prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all of the data to import. This file must contain all of the required columns in the order listed below, even if no content is populated in the columns. Leaving a blank value in the following fields:

  • track_attendance
  • view_grades
  • update_grades
  • view_progress_report
  • view_report_card

automatically sets the permission to the default; for example, if the teacher already has defined permissions, they are not changed, or if the teacher is being newly added to the class, the permission remains unchecked.

Fields in the Import Type Template

The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

internal_class_id*Numeric. The numeric class ID of the class the permissions are being applied to. This class must already exist in the database.

This information can be found in the standard Find Classes query on the Main homepage, though the visibility should be toggled on to view the data.

person_id*Numeric. The person ID of the person these permissions are being added to for the class designated by the internal class id column. This person must already exist in the database.


Text. The role that should appear next to the person in the Role column in the input grid. This should match how the role is formatted in the drop-down menu, though it is not case-sensitive.
titleText. The title that should appear next to the person in the Title column in the input grid.
track_attendanceBoolean (0 or 1). Whether or not the Track Attendance permission is granted. 0 = No and 1 = Yes.
view_gradesBoolean (0 or 1). Whether or not the View Grades permission is granted. 0 = No and 1 = Yes.
update_gradesBoolean (0 or 1). Whether or not the Update Grades permission is granted. 0 = No and 1 = Yes.
view_progress_reportBoolean (0 or 1). Whether or not the View Progress Report permission is granted. 0 = No and 1 = Yes.
view_report_cardBoolean (0 or 1). Whether or not the View Report Card permission is granted. 0 = No and 1 = Yes.

Uploading the Data

After creating the CSV file, click the Choose File button and select the appropriate CSV file.

Before clicking the Import button to begin the import process, optionally click the Show link next to the Advanced Options heading to specify how the system should handle any duplicate rows that exist within the CSV file:

  • Allow duplicates to be inserted: the importer inserts the records exactly as they are found in the CSV. Duplicate records are inserted into the database.
  • Automatically eliminate duplicates: the importer automatically eliminates all but one of the duplicated rows before importing the records into the database.
  • Fail on duplicates: if duplicate rows are found, the import fails and no records are imported into the database.

Data Integrity Checks

The importer checks to ensure that the data present in the CSV is free from errors that would compromise data integrity. These checks are:

Class Permission Import

Missing Records (No copy found in Veracross)

  • Internal Class ID
  • Person ID
  • Role

Missing Data (No data provided; these represent required fields)

  • Internal Class ID
  • Person ID

Improper Data Format (non-boolean data in boolean columns)

  • Track Attendance
  • View Grades
  • Update Grades
  • View Progress Report
  • View Report Card