Class Migrator Assistant

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The Class Migration Assistant is intended to provide teachers with a quick tool for copying materials from one class to another or between related classes. The assistant allows for broad bulk copying of class information that will lay the foundation for setup for the teacher’s classes for the upcoming school year. Once materials are copied, teachers can modify class content using standard class functionality in the Teacher Portal.

Classes can only be migrated to a destination within the current school year, meaning that to copy classes to "next" school year, the current one must first be closed.

The Class Migration Assistant is part of the Resource Library. From the resource library, teachers can access the tool from the “Setup Classes” tab.

The following content is copied from each source class when the Class Migration Assistant is run:

  • Class Assignments
  • Lesson Plans
  • Pages (embedded photo galleries will be removed during migration)
    • Pages are copied with their current publishing status. Drafts will be copied as drafts; published pages will be copied as published pages (i.e. available to users) so some caution/immediate review is recommended.
    • The migrator does not interpret which page was set as Homepage on the source class; no Homepage will be set on the resulting class automatically, and should therefore be reviewed by the teacher as they finish setting up their classes.

If users want to migrate class content from a class taught by one teacher to a class taught by another teacher, this can be accomplished by first performing two steps. First, add the new teacher to the completed class, and second, grant the new teacher full access to the resource library "collection(s)" of the teacher of the completed class.

Copying Materials

To start the class migration, click the blue “Start a New Migration” button on the Class Migrator page and follow the steps below:

  1. Select a Source Class: This is a past class the teacher has taught they would like to copy materials from to an upcoming class. All the teacher's prior classes will be available for selection.
  2. Select a Destination Class: This is the class to which all materials from the source class will be migrated. All the teacher's classes for the upcoming school year (i.e. when migrating class materials in the summer, the fall classes) will be available for selection.
  3. Adjust Dates: Each material (e.g. assignments, lesson plans, pages, etc.) will be grouped by type. Teachers will have the opportunity to review the dates for each material, such as assignment begin and end dates, lesson plan dates, etc. and adjust them accordingly for their destination class.
  4. Start Migration: Migrating a class cannot be easily undone so it is important the appropriate classes are selected. Before running the class migration tool, double check to make sure the correct source class and destination classes are selected. Click the blue "Start Migration" button when ready to copy materials to the destination class.

The destination class will look exactly like the source class. After migration is complete, teachers should go to the destination class in their portals and review the migrated materials. If any materials need to be modified or excluded from the destination class, the teacher can make changes accordingly.

Previous Migrations

All migrations will appear in the "Previous Migrations" section on the Class Migrator page. Teachers can view the original class the materials came from, where the materials were migrated to, and the date the migration was run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does the migration assistant migrate my library?
Answer 1: There's no need to migrate the "Resource Library" because the library is per-teacher, not per-class, and persists year to year.

Question 2: Does the migration assistant migrate galleries?
Answer 2: No, it does not. For Pages with embedded photo galleries, any embedded photo galleries will be removed since photo galleries are not copied with the rest of the content.

Question 3: Can I re-run the migration assistant if I don't like the results?
Answer 3: Running the Migration Assistant multiple times for the same class will result in duplicates for each piece of content that is copied.

Question 4: Does the migration assistant migrate quick posts and/or posts?
Answer 4: No, it does not include quick posts or posts.

Question 5: If I migrate a class from year-to-year, will my assignments that are marked 'Applies to All Sections' automatically copy?
Answer 5: No. You will still need to copy the assignment to all other sections in the new school year.

Question 6: Are you only to only migrate certain parts of class content using the migrator tool, for example, the content website without any assignments?
Answer 6: No, at this time you are only able to migrate the class in its entirety.